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Some URL values open web page exterior to File Maker Server instead of within Application

Question asked by AndrewEskind on Sep 9, 2010
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Some URL values open web page exterior to File Maker Server instead of within Application


FileMaker Server


Both FileMaker Server versions 10 and 11

Operating system version

Don't know - reporting problem on behalf of, my online host, I access application via Firefox or IE8 - same problem either place.

Description of the issue

My application stores serveral thousand URL values.  They display in Web Viewer fields within FM Layouts.  This feature works fine in my offline Filemaker 10 environment.

However, online FileMaker Server (both 10 and 11 were tried) at a small percentage of urls open web pages outside of FM and do not allow return back to FM - rather than within the FM Layout.  I suspect some sites use technology not properly understood by FM server.   Support staff at suggested I report the bug even though I don't own this product.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Put this url value in your own test application using FM Server 10 or 11.   Place in field which triggers VIEW WEB PAGE feature.

I can provide additional urls if desired.

Alternatively, launch my application at
Select record type BIOS.  Search Andrew Eskind (a test record).
Observe what happens.
Again, this only happens in FM Server.  Feature works fine in FM V10.

Expected result

Should not leave FM application.  Should display website within FM layout with web viewer feature (90% work fine).

Actual result

Opens web page external to FM Server application.  Does not allow BACK or return to FM.  Session ultimately has to time out for me to recover.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

no error message appears.

Configuration information

Same problem whether I access server via Firefox (current) or IE8 web browsers.