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    Sometimes I can't sort views in the server



      Sometimes I can't sort views in the server


      FileMaker Server


      Admin Console version: 13.0v5 x64 (11-06-2014)

      Operating system version

      Windows 7

      Description of the issue

      I am not always able to sort my views on the server.  For example, when I am viewing Activity>>Clients, if I click on the column header above client names it does not affect my sort.  Neither does clicking on any of the other column headers, like connect time or IP Address.  Also in other modules, like Activity>>Databases or Schedules, I cannot sort by clicking the header at the top of the column.  I put this issue into the forum last week and someone wrote back with a picture and said "Mine sorts fine."  So I went to my server again and tried again and then my sorts did work.  So I thought it was just touchy and I wasn't clicking in the right spot at first.  But today clicking on my column headers does not change my sort and I am clicking all over the place on those headers.  It's not working today.  It only shows a little tooltip bubble with the column name each time as I am clicking, and sometimes the column name jumps down and back up, but the sort is not changing for me.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      I log into the server, go to activity, Clients tab, click User Name column header.  I try in several different places on that header.  I also try other column headers.  None of them work.

      Expected result

      I expect it to sort the column based on the column header that I click.  It used to work like this in FMS 12, and sometimes it does work in FMS 13, but not always.

      Actual result

      Nothing happens.




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          BTW, I just tried one more thing.  I restarted my computer.  This did bring back my ability to sort.  But one example of a time when then ability to sort is very important is during a crash.  I did have to deal with a crash last week and found it very frustrating that I couldn't make sense of my active users by sorting them either by username or login time.  And I surely would not want to have to add the step of restarting my own computer before I can have the ability to sort my users during a system crash.

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            Thank you for your posts.

            From your description, I'm unable to determine the cause of this issue.  Therefore, the next time this occurs, can you try logging out of the Admin Console and logging in again?  If that doesn't work, try quitting and relaunching your browser, and try logging in to Admin Console.  This may help determine if it is an Admin Console issue, a browser issue, or a FileMaker Server issue.

            Do you have any other applications running on the server?  If so, temporarily disable them.

            Check your event log and see what entries immediately preceded the "crash last week".  Were there any schedules running?

            FileMaker, Inc.

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              Hi TSGal,

              I have run into the scenario where my sort does not work both in a crash and a normal situation.  I have already tried all of your suggestions of logging out of the admin console.  Here's what I found

              Simply logging off and logging back in - doesn't help

              Logging off and opening a new Chrome browser to log in - doesn't help

              Closing all Chrome browsers, then opening a new one and logging - doesn't help

              Restart the computer, open Chrome, log in - that finally did it.


              I just tested today and my sorts are working right now.  I will admit that I had several tabs open in my chrome browser yesterday when I ran into this, which was a non-crash situation.  But I also have many browser tabs open today when it is working fine.  I do not believe had any schedules running at the time, but I didn't check.  And I'm not sure I know what you mean by "other applications running on the server."  I think the answer is no.  Our server is dedicated to FileMaker only.  Unless you count Synctoy to move backups, that may have been run running, probably not, but I cannot say.  I will consider those things next time I see this, however.





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                Thank you for the additional information.

                When the Admin Console reaches the stage that it can no longer sort the columns, are clients still able to connect to the database?

                The next time this occurs, and assuming clients can still connect to the database, if you have access to another machine, try launching Admin Console on the second machine.

                Sorry for not being more clear about "other applications running on the server."  Synctoy would be another application, but that should not be an issue.

                Our Technical Support department has received similar issues with customers running FileMaker Server in a non-dedicated environment, and that is what I was searching for.  Also, there have been reports of anti-virus software affecting FileMaker Server.  If you do have any anti-virus software on your server, either disable it, or make sure that it is not scanning the FileMaker Server directory/folder.

                FileMaker, Inc.

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                  Thank you for that tip.  We did have AVG installed on our server.  We disabled that.  Hopefully that was it, I haven't had this experience since.