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    Sort context bleeding off portal onto chart



      Sort context bleeding off portal onto chart


      FileMaker Pro



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      12 Ov 3

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      One half of a self join table relates to a subordinate data table. On the layout for this top half of the join pair I have a portal pulling related records off the bottom half of the join. This portal has a sort order set by the portal which I will call sort order P. In addition I have a chart which portrays the subordinate table which is related to the top half of the join set. The chart is set to show a related value for the found set from the top join TO and sorts to order W. I put a button on the portal which does a record select through a go to related record using the same layout and the bottom half of the join. The chart ADOPTS the protal's sort order when the go to related record script step executes. When a button located on the layout proper executes another script with an identical go to related record command, the chart goes back to its correct sort order that I both defined in the relationship box, and on the layout itself.

      How can I get the chart to stop adopting the portal sort order?

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               Might need to clarify. By top half of a joined pair, I meant the first of the two TO's. The layout is for this top of self joined pair TO's. This TO is also related to data in a third TO on a one to many basis. On the layout is a portal showing related records from the bottom copy of the self joined pair, and a graph showing related data from the third TO.  A button on the layout filters the portal records using GTRR. All is well here. But a button on the portal   with the identical GTRR somehow manages to change the sort order of the chart to the sort order of the portal. It's baffling.  

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                 The abstract nature of your post does make it hard to figure out your description.

                 The culprit would appear to be the Go To Related Record step. I've observed that the sort order for a layout's found set can be affected by the Go To Related Records. I haven't observed this for replicating the portal's specified sort order, but I have seen it happen for the relationship's specified sort order. If the relationship does not specify a sort order, the found set produced is unsorted.

                 A simple work around for this is to use a script for your button so that you can do the GTRR and then do a sort records step to make sure that your records have the correct order.

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                   Thanks. I'm a new comer to reltional database programming, although I've done some flat file work in previous years. What would help me greatly would be a chart of FM objects such as Table, TO, relation, portal, chart, layout, window, etc. that would catalog ALL the associated context attributes for each.  While the sample application approach simplifies certain uses, it really doesn't bring a total overview to the massively complex context control in Filemaker. I also hope that charting will be a huge new push for FM because it is ideal for mobile applications of complex data analysis. They also need to integrate the Go compiler to produce a combination Go-App in one file that can then be downloaded in one gulp from iTunes.  Some Apple people are telling me that Go is a weak solution because there is no iTunes means for downloading the Go App (specific application) files. It is an amazing product which I believe is suffering from a lack of good instructional materials that make context understandable by direct description rather than alegorical fictitious applications. The latter is a lot like trying to describe how a jet airliner works by describing how passenger A goes from New York to Chicago, and how Pilot B says good bye to the exiting passengers. 


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                     You may find using the Feature Suggestion Form a better way to get more FileMaker Personnel to see you suggestions for new database features.