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Sort context bleeding off portal onto chart

Question asked by doncarp on Mar 14, 2013
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Sort context bleeding off portal onto chart


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

12 Ov 3

Description of the issue

One half of a self join table relates to a subordinate data table. On the layout for this top half of the join pair I have a portal pulling related records off the bottom half of the join. This portal has a sort order set by the portal which I will call sort order P. In addition I have a chart which portrays the subordinate table which is related to the top half of the join set. The chart is set to show a related value for the found set from the top join TO and sorts to order W. I put a button on the portal which does a record select through a go to related record using the same layout and the bottom half of the join. The chart ADOPTS the protal's sort order when the go to related record script step executes. When a button located on the layout proper executes another script with an identical go to related record command, the chart goes back to its correct sort order that I both defined in the relationship box, and on the layout itself.

How can I get the chart to stop adopting the portal sort order?