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Sort, Edit and File Size

Question asked by mplatt on Dec 5, 2009
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Sort, Edit and File Size

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I am testing FMP 8.5v2 and 10 on both MAC and WIN platforms. The MAC is an iMac(mid 2007), OSX 10.6, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz, 4GB of Ram 667MHz, 800 MHz bus. The Windows machine is running XP Pro sp3 with basically the same configuration except the RAM and Bus are faster. The file has 47 Fields: 37 text (21 of which are from the original data), 3 summary and 7 calculated (1 using GetSum). I use the file to analyze, manipulate and report on Customer supplied data. I have noticed on the WIN side (both 8.5 and 10) that when the file size exceeds 125mb, performance hits a wall. I am assuming it has to do with how FMP uses file cache. I have it set to 256mb. I think once the file size exceeds one half the file cache setting, the performance degrades to an unacceptable level. I also noticed, the more blank fields you have, the worse the problem. WindowsFMP 8.5 or 10 ClientFMP Cache set to 256md FMP is doing something else inefficiently (Maybe saves a temporary copy to remember a sort state) Someone PLEASE do a quick test to confirm findings  If you have a file around 100mb UNSORTED. First try doing a sort AND making a single CONTENT CHANGE (just add a space to a text field for one record), then close the file and note the file size, it will almost double. Reopen file (it will be slow), un-sort records AND make a single content change, then close the file and note the file size, it will be back to its original size. In order to get my templates to work efficiently on windows, I created a script: Show All RecordsUnsort RecordsGo to Record/Request/Page[First]Set Field [Clr; ""] Clr is a field I added solely for this purpose I set file options to run the script on close and use it within other scripts, where appropriate. This keeps the file size in check and performance consistent. If your file is around 125mb unsorted, good luck.