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    Sorting Records Dialogs In Layout View



      Sorting Records Dialogs In Layout View


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      OS X 10.8.4

      Description of the issue

      Seem to get sorting records dialog boxes when navigating through layouts in layout mode. Show sample data is not enabled, so just wondered why this is happening, and if I can avoid it at all? Since upgrading from 11 to 12 editing/saving layouts/viewing layout lists seems lag.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Checked that sample data is not enabled.

      Expected result

      To navigate to layout without a sorting records dialog.

      Actual result

      Sorts records before taking me to the layout.

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               Hi Dan,

               I guess you had this strange bug only one time or can you replicate it easily ?

               When it occur, did you had multiple windows opened in different modes ?

               Because yesterday, i had a similar bug that i didn't report here since i cannot replicate it surely. It was like FileMaker was confusing modes :

               I had two windows : one in Layout Mode another in Browse Mode (I always do that way).
               I ran a script that contained a Freeze window step (not sure it is relevant).
               Then, i returned to the backward window that was in Layout Mode.
               And i tried to activate another layout with the dark pop menu, under the toolbar.

               Result : that changed the layout on the backward windows (that was in Browse Mode !!!)

               Thank you for providing further details...

               Bye, Fred

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                 I've also seen this a few times on OS X 10.8.4/10.8.5, FileMaker Pro Advanced 12.0v4, but haven't yet noticed anything that would allow me to reproduce it.

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                   I've seen cases where a hidden window was causing progress bars and such to appear due to FileMaker constantly updating the data in that window even though it was not visible. Haven't seen that in FileMaker 12, but had to use a script to leave a window on a blank, no records layout before a script opened a new FileMaker file and a new window in an FMP 10 database before this stopped taking place.

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                     Hi Fred,It has happened quite frequently but not on a specific layout, so I can't easily replicated. It has happened to me when I have just the one window open, but also when I have multiple (in different modes). I haven't experienced the mode problem you mentioned though. 

                     I didn't know you could have hidden windows Phil, but I developed all the solutions I am experiencing this on from scratch so I'm not using any hidden windows that I am aware off. 


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                       By "hidden", I meant "not visible"--which could simply mean that the window is open, but behind the current window and thus not visible to you.