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Spinning beach ball and crash after SMTP mail

Question asked by codecruncher on Aug 2, 2010
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Spinning beach ball and crash after SMTP mail



Operating system version

OS X 10.6.3

Description of the issue

As a developer of a runtime solution that uses SMTP mail for the registration of the application I have 1 out of 25 customers experiencing a crash when filemaker attempts to send the SSL registration email. This happens consistently for users of Snow Leopard. I have never experienced the crash myself before installing Snow Leopard but can now re-create it each time the script is run under FileMaker 10v3. I am happy to report that the crash does not occur under FileMaker 11v2. I would love to find out from the development team if the SMTP mail function has been re-written for FileMaker 11v2 and if there are any steps I can take to avoid the crash in FileMaker 10v3. The system requirements of FileMaker 11v2 are still a little too high for the average user. A crash log is available. Thank you very much for your time.