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    Spinning beach ball and crash after SMTP mail



      Spinning beach ball and crash after SMTP mail



      Operating system version

      OS X 10.6.3

      Description of the issue

      As a developer of a runtime solution that uses SMTP mail for the registration of the application I have 1 out of 25 customers experiencing a crash when filemaker attempts to send the SSL registration email. This happens consistently for users of Snow Leopard. I have never experienced the crash myself before installing Snow Leopard but can now re-create it each time the script is run under FileMaker 10v3. I am happy to report that the crash does not occur under FileMaker 11v2. I would love to find out from the development team if the SMTP mail function has been re-written for FileMaker 11v2 and if there are any steps I can take to avoid the crash in FileMaker 10v3. The system requirements of FileMaker 11v2 are still a little too high for the average user. A crash log is available. Thank you very much for your time.

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          Here are some more updates for the development team. After running OnyX to rebuild the system cache and OS X permissions I was able to send an email via SMTP on FileMaker 10v3 again. This explains why some users experience the issue while others do not. I installed a network monitor prior to repairing OS X and it appears that the crash happens before any connection attempt is made. I suspect the issue has to do with the way FileMaker queries the network settings of Snow Leopard to gather all the necessary information to establish a connection. It could be that FileMaker is stuck in a loop because Snow Leopard won't allow FileMaker access to the network settings and FileMaker keeps on inquiring about the settings. Of course this is just a wild guess.

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            Thank you for your post.

            I found one instance of Send Mail via SMTP with a runtime solution, and that occurred when there was a space in the runtime name.  This was reported last year by a customer, but we were unable to reproduce in house.

            There have been a number of reported problems when sending to a gmail SMTP server, but none involving a crash.

            It concerns me that you have to rebuild the system cache and OS X permissions.  What other applications are you running?  Also, any additional information you can provide about the SMTP server may be helpful.

            FileMaker, Inc.

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              Thank your very much for your reply. The server that the runtime solution uses to send emails is not a gmail SMTP server. Since the server hasn't been changed in the last two years it is more likely that the crash has to do with Snow Leopard. After repairing my permission on OS 10.6 I did not experienced the crash again.

              The runtime solution always had a space in its name but the crash that I experienced actually happened during the development while the solution was running under FileMaker 10v3 Advanced. As a 'finished' runtime solution the application successfully sends SMPT mail on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, OS X 10.4 and OS X 10.5. Only users of OS X 10.6 experience the elusive and very rare crash - a spinning beach ball that completely locks up the application.

              As mentioned in an earlier post the crash does not occur when running FileMaker 11v2 Advanced. Right after the initial crash happened on version 10v3 I ran the last clean backup of the file on version 11v2 and it ran successfully. As soon as that same backup file was run on FileMaker 10v3 again the crash occurred once more. It is therefore in my opinion a problem that is isolated to FileMaker 10 and Snow Leopard.

              By the way I think FileMaker 11 is fantastic. The fact that the Windows version does not flash anymore is out of this world. I for one already made the switch and the next update will certainly be a FileMaker 11 runtime solution as well. Great job!