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Sql odbc connectiondoes not work when DB is hosted on server

Question asked by netdoc1950 on Feb 25, 2013


Sql odbc connectiondoes not work when DB is hosted on server


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

client Win7 32 bit     Server win 2008 R2

Description of the issue

I have an FM12 datafile which has connections to an external sql source.  The connection works perfectly when the datafile is hosted on the client but when I host the datafile on a FM12 server on another computer I cannot reference the odbc sources even though I am using the original client where the sources were established.   If I attempt to re-establish the external data source in FMP the DSN list appears empty even though the odbc sources are still established in windows.   If I bring the database back from the server to the local machine all works correctly again.

Steps to reproduce the problem

On a win7 client:
Create an odbc source to an mssql database.
Create a FMP database using FMPA12 and configure an external data table. Check that the table is populated. then close the datafile.

Move the datafile to a FMS12  server on a windows 2008R2 platform.
Open the datafile remotely from the original win7 client.
The external date links do not work and cannot be re-established.