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Standard keyboard shortcuts don't work with custom menus

Question asked by hschlossberg on Nov 12, 2009
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Standard keyboard shortcuts don't work with custom menus

Description of the issue

When you use custom menus, even if you just use the standard Edit menu with no changes made to it, the standard Windows shortcuts for copy and paste (CTRL-Insert and Shift-Insert, respectively) don't work. I've reported this as a problem with every new release since custom menus were introduced, usually because of issues reported to me by my users.  But I have been making heavy use this week of a FileMaker-based solution called Base Elements and the results of the problem have become extremely frustrating for me now that I am the user. Even though I AM aware of the problem, old habits die hard and I have -- so many times this week -- pasted the wrong thing into ScriptMaker because my text didn't copy from Base Element's FM layout's fields.  I can't blame Base Elements because it is only using a tool (custom menus) proved by FileMaker.  But it is the persistence of FileMaker's LONG TIME BUG that is causing this problem.