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    Standard keyboard shortcuts don't work with custom menus



      Standard keyboard shortcuts don't work with custom menus

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      When you use custom menus, even if you just use the standard Edit menu with no changes made to it, the standard Windows shortcuts for copy and paste (CTRL-Insert and Shift-Insert, respectively) don't work. I've reported this as a problem with every new release since custom menus were introduced, usually because of issues reported to me by my users.  But I have been making heavy use this week of a FileMaker-based solution called Base Elements and the results of the problem have become extremely frustrating for me now that I am the user. Even though I AM aware of the problem, old habits die hard and I have -- so many times this week -- pasted the wrong thing into ScriptMaker because my text didn't copy from Base Element's FM layout's fields.  I can't blame Base Elements because it is only using a tool (custom menus) proved by FileMaker.  But it is the persistence of FileMaker's LONG TIME BUG that is causing this problem.  

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          Thank you for your post.


          I see that you had already reported this previously to FileMaker back in June 2008, and also to this forum back in August 2009 (Pasting bug in FileMaker Pro 10), where I did forward your comments to Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing).  I know reporting doesn't fix the issue, but we are aware of the issue.  As it currently stands, custom menus only support one type of shortcut.


          This may be a design issue/limitation, so to cover all bases, I would also urge you to enter this post into our Feature Suggestion web form at:




          The information there is read by Development and Product Management, so a different set of eyes will see this. 


          Although I could easily copy your post and paste it into the web form, there are additional questions asked that only you can answer.



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               I've always considered ctrl-c and ctrl-v the "standard windows shortcuts for copy and paste". They're also more conveniently placed than the insert button.
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                 Those are standard for Mac and are what's shown as standard in many Windows apps.  Nonetheless, I've found CTRL-Insert and Shift-Insert are widely used on the Windows side.  Actually, I used to think I was the only one...until my customers started complaining to me after the advent of FM's custom menus.  I guess the placement depends on your keyboard and your mouse.  I keep my mouse on the left so that I have my right hand free to make notes while developing.  So I highlight text with my mouse hand and then like to use my right hand to hit the keyboard for copy/paste.  CTRL-C is awkward to use with the right hand, but CTRL-Insert is very easy.  And you'll find that this key combo works with every single application in the world (that I've ever used) -- even with FileMaker's regular dialogs (define calc, for example) and field values...except when you've turned on a non-customized custom menu.