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    Starter Solution template does not print on one page



      Starter Solution template does not print on one page


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      I have used a starter solution template to build two databases.  I assumed that the layouts modified using the starter solution would print on one paBge, then down.  Instead, when I attempt to print a record, a quarter of it is cut off.  I have since found out that when in layout made, there is a dotted line that marks the page margins.  This is not clear when looking at the starter solution.  How do I get a current record to print across one page then down without having to re-do the whole layout?  We took for granted that we would be easily be able to print records so this is causing a real issue.

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               On Mac systems, you can change a scaling percentage in the print dialog to fit more of the layout onto a page's printable area. In windows systems, you have to modify your layout design to fit within those page break lines.

               The position of the page break lines while in layout mode will be determined by what options you have selected in Printer/page set up. Changing the printer, page size or page orientation will all move the position of those lines, so be careful to pick those options before modifying a layout design to adjust it to better fit the printed page.

               If you describe which operating system, which starter solution,  which layout within that starter solution from which you are printing and any changes that you have made to that layout design, we could offer more specific help on this issue.

               BTW, you have posted to the Report an Issue section of the forum. It's intended for reporting possible software bugs to FileMaker. If you would like assisstance in how to use FileMaker Pro to design a database, click the FM Pro Forum tab at the top of this screen and post your questions where more people will see and possibly respond to your questions.


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                 Thank you for your prompt response, it is much appreciated.   The two databases we created were in Windows.   We used the “Contact Management” starter solution template for our purposes.   We were unaware that the starter solution template was designed so that it extends past the page break. When we’ve  looked at the starter solution in browse or find, we took for granted that it was set up to print on one page across then down.  Even when in Layout mode, the dotted line is not clearly marked as being a page break.

                 So, to clarify, should I be checking each Starter Solution in layout mode, to determine if the template has been setup to go over the page break?  I assume the next step would then be to modify the layout of the Starter Solution template to fit within the page guide lines? 

                 Again, I thank you for your time and attention.

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                   Simpler than checking the layout in layout mode might be to enter preview mode, being careful to use printer setup to select the correct printer options. You can then more easily see what will fit on the page.

                   Your monitor screen is likely much wider than the typical letter sized page so most data entry screens are designed to fit the proportions of a typical monitor screen, but some layouts are specifically designed for printing purposes.