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    Starter Solutions is Blank



      Starter Solutions is Blank


      FileMaker Pro


      Version 11

      Operating system version

      OS X version 10.6.7

      Description of the issue

      I want to use the starter solutions.  It comes up blank.  The stuff is sitting out there, but the application, in my opinion is not working correctly.

      I have become increasingly frustrated with this.  I actually deleted my old version, and purchased a new copy.  This is a update, that does not seem to work.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      My issue is simple.  I start, select from starter solution, and have a blank screen.

      Expected result

      Screen should be populated with templates

      Actual result

      Screen is blank

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          Open one of the starter solutions, enter layout mode, select some of the layout text and change the font. Then report back to us whether the text you modified is now visible or not.

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            I  am having this same issue with Version 11.  When I open the Starter Solutions I have an empty box with no templates.  The response posted here doesn't make any sense as it says to open up one of the starter solutoins which is the issue...none of them show up.

            How do I get my starter solutions?  Without them this program is useless to me.  Please help! 


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              You are describing a different issue.

              In some cases, you can select a starter solution, but the file comes up with a layout in the new starter solution file that appears blank. This, on Macs can be due to a font issue with the OS (snow leopard).

              If you do not get a list of starter solutions, check the English Extras folder on your computer and see if the starter solution template files were correctly installed on your computer.

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                 I just updated to Filemaker 11.0v4.  I am experiencing same problem.  Starter Solutions screen in Black w/NO choices.

                It worked just fine in earlier version of Filemaker.  I am using Macbook Pro; Lion.

                In advance, your assistance in getting Starter Solutions to work is appreciated.

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                  Thank you for your post, and I apologize for the late reply.

                  Which Starter Solution are you trying to open?  Try opening Expense Report.fp7 (It's the first file listed under the first folder - "Business - Finance").  Almost all fields and objects are displayed in Arial font.  If you go to Layout Mode and select all, change the font to another font, does this work?

                  I realize some time has passed, so if you have discovered the issue or found a resolution, please post here so others encountering the same issue can benefit.

                  FileMaker, Inc.