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Startup blank window - no fields or data

Question asked by on Jul 19, 2015
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Startup blank window - no fields or data


FileMaker Pro


FM Pro 14 Advanced

Operating system version

Mac OSX 10.10.4 Yosemite

Description of the issue

When I startup FM 14 by clicking the datafile icon on the dock at the bottom of the screen, the file takes longer than usual to open. And when it does open, it is just a blank window with no fields or data showing in the window (see the uploaded Screen Shot 1). There is a long pause before it finally dumps my layout into the window with all my fields and data. Filemaker 12 never did that. Why does it come up with an empty window and take so long to finally show my layout with the data???

Steps to reproduce the problem

If I quit the program (FM Pro 14 Advanced) and then open one of my databases, it does the same thing every time.