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    Still Crashin' After all These Tears



      Still Crashin' After all These Tears

      Description of the issue

      I also tried reducing everything on my layout so that it easily fit on one page, but I am facing crashes. My layout consists of 4 containers which are roughly the full page size [but transparent]. Only 1 of the 4 contains data. There are some transparent text fields that overlay the data and contain basic info about the data. [This is one of several databases that contain scanned pages. In all, we store more than 250,000 scanned pages in FM.] I can watch the HD icon of my Mac and see that FM sets aside about 10 gigs as it starts the process, but it goes only a few seconds before crashing. This time, I was attempting to do a 1200 page PDF, but it also failed on a 100+ page PDF and smaller attempts as well. This used to work before the upgrade. So I checked the latest FAQs and made sure that I reworked any scripts that might contain layout script steps. I'm running out of stoopid pills, but I'm sure that I must be taking them by the fistful.  BWS 

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          Bay-Waveland Scripter:


          Thank you for your post.


          Is there an error message when you crash?  Is it successful if you try printing from page 1 to 1?  If it is failing on just one page, then perhaps the Adobe font list file is corrupt.  Try removing the following file: (Adobe will create a new one)


          Home -> Library -> Application Support -> Adobe -> TypeSpt -> AdobeFnt08.lst


          Now, try and print from page 1 to 1 and see if this works.



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            Thanks for a bang up fast response! To answer your questions...


            1] I am printing from a script. So i tried printing from the file menu. Still crashed.


            2] I did not have a file named AdobeFnt08.lst, but i found one named AdobeFnt.lst and removed it. Still crashed. 


            3] Does it crash when printing one page? No. I have not done the binary dance to find out where it decides to crash, but I don't think a page number is the problem. Just as I don't think that going over the edge of the page is the problem. [Tho limiting things to one page or bringing layouts inside of the page margin will hide the problem for a short time.]


            4] Is there an error message? I am guessing that you are asking for the Macsbug [or whatever it's called now] dump. the relevant info follows:


            Process:         FileMaker Pro [127]

            Path:            /Applications/FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced/FileMaker Pro Advanced.app/Contents/MacOS/FileMaker Pro

            Identifier:      com.filemaker.client.advanced

            Version:         10.0.1 (10.0.1)

            Code Type:       X86 (Native)

            Parent Process:  launchd [72]


            Date/Time:       2009-02-10 14:43:37.439 -0600

            OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.5.6 (9G55)

            Report Version:  6


            Exception Type:  EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS)

            Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x0000000000000000

            Crashed Thread:  0


            Thread 0 Crashed:

            0   DLI_PDFL81                     0x03b95d19 CacheTIFF + 2536

            1   DLI_PDFL81                     0x03b983a1 dtl_StoreGraphics + 4500

            2   DLI_PDFL81                     0x03b991c5 dtl_verify_graphic_ex + 693

            3   DLI_PDFL81                     0x03b99237 dtl_verify_graphic + 40

            4   DLI_PDFL81                     0x03b7050e dlpdfimagecreatefromfile + 123

            5   com.filemaker.client.advanced 0x00026eb3 PDFGraphics::OutputNativeFormatImage(Draco::ByteBuffer const&, Draco::CoordRect const&) + 611

            6   com.filemaker.client.advanced 0x00188b12 ContainerData::DrawBinaryData(Draco::DBBinaryData const&, Draco::CoordRect const&, DrawContext const&, TImageFormat const&, Draco::TLayoutObjectAttrs const*) const + 274

            7   com.filemaker.client.advanced 0x00190059 ContainerData::DrawAsImage(DrawContext const&, TImageFormat const&, Draco::TLayoutObjectAttrs const*) const + 809

            8   com.filemaker.client.advanced 0x00190abe ContainerData::Draw(DrawContext const&, TImageFormat&, Draco::TLayoutObjectAttrs const*) const + 782

            9   com.filemaker.client.advanced 0x001617cb DrawContext::FieldObjRenderer::DrawFieldContainer() + 171

            10  com.filemaker.client.advanced 0x00173f15 DrawContext::FieldObjRenderer::DrawFieldOccurrence() + 693

            11  com.filemaker.client.advanced 0x001742e5 DrawContext::FieldObjRenderer::Draw() + 789

            12  com.filemaker.client.advanced 0x001744ee DrawContext::DrawFieldObj(Draco::LayoutObject&, Draco::TLayoutObjectAttrs&, Draco::DBField const&) + 238

            13  com.filemaker.client.advanced 0x00176a4d DrawContext::DrawObject_PRIVATE() + 1821

            14  com.filemaker.client.advanced 0x00166ff6 DrawContext::DrawPart_Clipped(Draco::DBCursor const&, short, Draco::Coord, Draco::Coord, Draco::Coord, Draco::CoordRect*, XDocContentOverlay*, short) + 758

            15  com.filemaker.client.advanced 0x00259e9f FMDocPrintJob::NextPagePrinter::ImagePart(DrawContext&, short, FMDocPrintJob::PartOption, Draco::Coord, short, Draco::CoordRect const&, bool, Draco::Coord&, Draco::Coord) + 767

            16  com.filemaker.client.advanced 0x0025a542 FMDocPrintJob::NextPagePrinter::ImageWhole(DrawContext&) + 130

            17  com.filemaker.client.advanced 0x0025cae1 FMDocPrintJob::NextPagePrinter::PrintNextPage() + 849

            18  com.filemaker.client.advanced 0x0025d287 FMDocPrintJob::PrintDocument() + 295

            19  com.filemaker.client.advanced 0x003884bf PrintJobCommon::ExecutePrintJob() + 223

            20  com.filemaker.client.advanced 0x0025d07a FMDocPrintJob::ExecutePrintJob() + 42

            21  com.filemaker.client.advanced 0x004846f3 DoSaveAsPDF(FMDocWindow&) + 2931

            22  com.filemaker.client.advanced 0x001e387c DoImportExport(FMDocWindow*, unsigned int) + 348






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              Bay-Waveland Scripter:


              What is the FileMaker error message that appears?  Or, does no message appear?


              You mentioned that you crash when you print 1200 page and 100+ page documents.  Determining if this is a System, Adobe or FileMaker problem, I wanted to see if you could print one page.  I was only trying to help narrow down the possibilities.  That is all.


              Sorry for the confusion on the Adobe list file.  I only have Acrobat 8, so that is why my list file is named AdobeFnt08.lst.  What is the size of your newly created list file?


              It will probably be easier if you send me a clone of your file.  Also, include your complete log file.  What you provided was inconclusive.  I have sent you a private message (top of this page - right side - X Messages) with directions where to send the files.



              FileMaker, Inc. 

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                Bay-Waveland Scripter:


                I received your database file.  I modified the script so it would first send to me.  I executed the script, and the message was sent.  I received the email using Apple Mail 3.6, I double-clicked the PDF file in the message and it opened using Adobe Reader 9.


                I modified the script again and had it sent to our Technical Support liaison.  He received the email and double-clicked the PDF file, and it also successfully launched.


                I am using Mac OS X 10.5.8, and Mac OS X 10.6.3.  The other Support Technician is running Mac OS X 10.6.3.


                Is there something else you would like for me to try?



                FileMaker, Inc.

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                  Looking at the crash log information, I am guessing that:

                  * there is some sort of import or export occurring

                  * A Save As PDF is occurring

                  * a print job is occuring

                  * A container field is trying to be drawed in a clipped area

                     - (ie the field is being cut through a page margin, a page break, or something similar)


                  I also see that the version you are using is 10.0.1.  I would recommend updating your FileMaker version to 10.0.3.  You can download the update for free from the support -> download section of the website.  


                  In the read me for 10v3:

                  Printing and PDF 
                  •     Mac OS X: Addressed an issue where the application would crash when printing to host-based printer models. 
                  •     Addressed an issue where saving records to PDF could crash if the starting page number was not 1 and the layout extended beyond one page


                  The update may not necessarily fix your problem, but there may be a chance that it does.

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                    Good catch on the 10.0v1.


                    The script has the following commands:


                    Set Variable [ $filepath ;  Value: Get  ( DesktopPath ) & "PDF Test" ]

                    Save Records as PDF [ No dialog ; "$filepath" ; Records being browsed ]

                    Save Records as PDF [ Append ; No dialog ; "$filepath" ; Records being browsed ]

                    Send Mail [ Send via E-mail client ; No Dialog ; To: "xxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xxxx" ; Subject: "You can't open this file from Apple Mail." ; Message: "xxxx" ; "$filePath" ]




                    There is one record in the file, two fields, a button.  The PDF file results in two pages.



                    Bay-Waveland Scripter:


                    Please download the 10.0v3 updater via Knowledge Base Article #7291 at:




                    Please continue to keep me updated with any progress.



                    FileMaker, Inc.