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Still Crashin' After all These Tears

Question asked by Bay-WavelandScripter on Feb 10, 2009
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Still Crashin' After all These Tears

Description of the issue

I also tried reducing everything on my layout so that it easily fit on one page, but I am facing crashes. My layout consists of 4 containers which are roughly the full page size [but transparent]. Only 1 of the 4 contains data. There are some transparent text fields that overlay the data and contain basic info about the data. [This is one of several databases that contain scanned pages. In all, we store more than 250,000 scanned pages in FM.] I can watch the HD icon of my Mac and see that FM sets aside about 10 gigs as it starts the process, but it goes only a few seconds before crashing. This time, I was attempting to do a 1200 page PDF, but it also failed on a 100+ page PDF and smaller attempts as well. This used to work before the upgrade. So I checked the latest FAQs and made sure that I reworked any scripts that might contain layout script steps. I'm running out of stoopid pills, but I'm sure that I must be taking them by the fistful.  BWS