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Still Have Label Problems After Suggested Solutions...

Question asked by bclayton on Sep 24, 2009


Still Have Label Problems After Suggested Solutions...

Description of the issue

Accepted solution offered by TSGal, but after all tests the problem seems to still exist. This is specifically what we are experiencing.... All labels are made from layout templates for each format required (x8).We have "buttons" at each of the templates for desired label format to be printed.As per the previous posting by TSGal, scripts for the buttons were checked and modified to include a "printer reset".Problem still is present.  Again, the problem:When we go from a DVD thermo label on the Remage Everest II to a paper label on a HP 4050N we get a partial print off the HP 4050N. Yes, the preview mode was checked each time, and even though the complete text is displayed correctly in their correct sized windows- we get a partial print!  The next approach was to do each label manually. By that I mean, we go to the desired layout and trigger a print (going through printer delegation manually) - same results!!  Going from the HP 4050N to the Rimage seems to work most of the time, but periodically a mononchrome print on the DVD results!  As long as we don't have to change the printer delegation among the various label formats - we have no problem!To date, the solution for us is to exit and re-launch the FilmMaker prgm.  Hope this narrows it down.  Regards, bclayton.