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    Still need export to xls in  FM13!



      Still need export to xls in  FM13!


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      Don't know why you made this obsolete.  Tons of orgs still use 2003 and the .xls format. 

      I need it because our cloud-based Accounting ERP only imports form .xls files.

      What are the chances of getting it back?  I can't move our solution until this occurs.

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               Thank you for the post. 


               You are correct that as of FileMaker Pro 13 "exporting to the .xls Excel file format is obsolete and any old script steps that exported data to that format are automatically exported in the .xlsx Excel file format."


          Miscellaneous behavior changes in FileMaker Pro 13


               If you would like to see this changed, I would encourage you to enter this as a suggestion into our Feature Requests web form at:




               These web form suggestions are monitored and read by our Development and Product Management departments where they are then discussed and considered for a future release. Although I could copy your post and paste it into the web form, there are some questions asked that only you can answer.



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