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Storing container field data in external source with FMP 13

Question asked by gxpilot on Feb 13, 2014
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Storing container field data in external source with FMP 13


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

OS X 10.8

Description of the issue

I'm wanting to move my external container field storage to a new thunderbolt drive attached to the server.  I've successfully created the storage paths for two fields on the drive while wiring with the file on the server.  Once I quit FMPA 13 on the server and started FMS back up, the pdf file are shown missing on connected clients. 

The external paths were set up as follows:

/Volumes/ADM G-Raid/Case_Documents/

This worked and I was able to store files in the container fields and saw that they were being stored on the external drive.

After closing and opening with a client, the path now indicates as follows:

[hosted location]/Volumes/ADM G-Raid/Case_Documents/

The file indicates a missing pdf.

I'm assuming  the path is not set up correctly for connected clients and that is why it is changing to the hosted location.

I'm looking to set the path to the external drive due to the massive storage I will be using in the future.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

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Steps to reproduce the problem

I have entered the path as follows:


After quitting FMP 13 on the host machine and starting up the server, it changes the path to :

[database location]/Volumes/VolumeName/Folder/

Then creates the folders in the library.

I'm trying to get all container files stored on the attached drive away from the DB location.  I'm under the impression it is not possible.

When I try a path as:  filemac:/Volumes/VolumeName/Folder/

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

I get:

"This path is not valid. Correct platform syntax must be used, and the path can not exceed 200 characters."