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STYLE IMPOSTOR - Appearance is reset when theme imported/overwritten

Question asked by disabled_mrw-old-account-do-not-use on Jun 16, 2014
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STYLE IMPOSTOR - Appearance is reset when theme imported/overwritten


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Description of the issue

When updating themes across a multiple file solution, if you have created a style by hand in the destination file (with SAME NAME as in the original file), it IS NOT updated correctly: the style loses all of its style properties, so that objects of that style look like standard objects.

(This STYLE IMPOSTER has the same name so it LOOKS like it should be updated, but it  has a different internalName, so it won't be updated.)

Steps to reproduce the problem

See the uploaded picture.

Expected result

Styles of the same name should be updated to have the same style properties as the style in the original file.
Objects of this style should have their appearance accordingly updated.

Actual result

The impostor style is reset, i.e. it loses all of its style properties.
(Thus=>) Objects of this style have their appearance reset.

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Is pretty unfeasible:

1. Delete the impostor style in all destination files (causing ALL layout objects using the style to be reset to standard appearance)
2. Reupdate the theme (which creates a REAL style)
3. Reapply the style to ALL layout objects in ALL layouts where the style is used
4. Reapply any local formatting that the object may have had on top of the basic style, if you can remember what that was)