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Sudden File Opening Problems

Question asked by DomenicoNardacchionne on Apr 3, 2011
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Sudden File Opening Problems


FileMaker Pro


11 Advanced

Operating system version

Microsoft Vista

Description of the issue

I am suddenly having problems opening files. FMPro is suddenly requiring usernames and passwords when previously it didn't. I have not changed anything. I created an application consisting of 45 tables using FMPro 6 Developer. I was making a few small changes in some visual aspects when suddenly FMPro started asking for login data. The username it states is correct as far as the one I use to log into my computer. BUT ... no matter what password I use it will not open the table file. This is costing me some big bucks. I give my customers a fixed price for my information systems and a hard date of delivery. Why does FMPro do this???? Initially, all files worked just like they did when in the FMPro 6 Developer format. Why did this change? How Can I fix it!!!!