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Support Website Content Insufficiency

Question asked by AleandreVictorino on Feb 3, 2013
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Support Website Content Insufficiency


FileMaker Pro


11 and 12

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Some time ago I have purchased a FileMaker Pro 11 license, for my Windows based computer. I got an email to access the installation file (which I have archived), and a license key. As I bought my license just a few weeks before the FM Pro 12 was released, I was entitled to a free upgrade. Once more I was emailed a weblink to download the installation files (which I have archived), and the upgrade license key.
Now I have decided to switch from my Windows based computer into a Mac. The installation files that I have downloaded earlier for FM Pro do not run on my Mac. I need to download installation files specifically for Mac. Unfortunately, in the support website I could only find downloadable files for trial versions which do not allow me to enter the product key afterwards. I have asked for support from the FM support team and got none.
Bottom line: how can I install FileMaker Pro 11 in my Mac when I only have install files for Windows? Plus, how will I be able to upgrade to FileMaker 12 with the license that I have since, again, I only have a install file for Windows? Did anyone ever faced this problem?