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System Format "English" is not overriding "Portuguese" Win 7 created File

Question asked by IJ on Jul 8, 2015
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System Format "English" is not overriding "Portuguese" Win 7 created File


FileMaker Pro


Advanced 13.0v5 hosted at a cloud service server

Operating system version

Problem happens saving at both OS X 10.10.4

Description of the issue

This database was created in a Portuguese formatted Windows 7 computer to be used in the US (ONLY!). The file is set to keep the System Format, and a script loads when the file opens enforcing the system to :

If [Get (SystemLanguage) = "English"]

Set Use System Formats [On]

End If

Notwithstanding, decimal numbers using system settings Data Formatting display correctly when the file is opened in Filemaker, but not when opened in Webdirect, when "." (period) decimal divider is substituted by "," (coma) instead. Meaning that one entering data in Webdirect with ". " (period) gets an unexpected different number: e.g., entering in Webdirect 3.85 gets 385 instead!

The problem is that this Advanced Pro database was working well in both ways (in Filemaker and Webdirect) and in a sudden started with this problem. Since the database is hosted by a cloud service, I suspect that a latest server update may be causing this problem. Heads up, I ("Compacted") saved the file several times in a US IOS computer changing all possible alternatives I had to see if it would solve the Internet access problem with no success.

Any clue on how to fix this bug?


Steps to reproduce the problem

Enter number data in Webdirect (both in a US windows or US OS X formated computer) using "." (period) as decimal divider (e.g 3.5) displays no decimals on field exit, and displays decimals with "," decimal divider when the intertion point is in the field (e.g 385 on field exit and 3,85 when "clicking" the field)

Expected result

3.5 displayed at exit field and 3.5 when field is "clicked".

Actual result

385 on field exit and 3,85 when "clicking" the field

However, when the same 3.5 number is entered into the field running Filemaker instead, Webdirect displays 3.5 in the field and 3,5 when the same Webdirect field is "clicked"

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information

Database is hosted by a cloud server service provider.

The database was downloaded from the server to an OS X 10.10.4 Mac and "saved as" to "compact":
1) Keeping the Use System Format option
2) Not keeping the Use System Format option
3) All field where checked to have English as Default Language
4) Number fields Separators are System settings selected