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Tab key resetting to new line

Question asked by StevenSanders on Jul 20, 2012
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Tab key resetting to new line


FileMaker Pro



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Description of the issue

The issue happens while entering a calculation for Calc. Fields, Custom Functions, etc.

After more than 68 pixels on the screen, the tab character resets—acting the same as a carriage return.

As a result, most of my Custom Functions, etc. imported from FMP10 are crammed together and column alignment is gone. Reading the text has lost all reasonable understanding in FMP12.

I beg you to fix this! I have over 100,000 lines of code written since FMP7 that are unreadable!

Steps to reproduce the problem

Type the following comment line (on a Mac only):

Then type a "tab" and a "x"

Then type this line with two periods at the end:

Then type a "tab" and a "x"

In the second case, the "x" displays on the next line rather than staying on the same line.

Expected result

Both typings above should stay on the same line. A tab should never do a hard reset like a carriage return.

Actual result

Displays on 3 lines instead of two