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Tab objects inside tab objects alignment problem

Question asked by simonclement on May 6, 2012
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Tab objects inside tab objects alignment problem


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac Lion

Description of the issue

A tab object that sits inside a tab object with the bottom borders exactly overlapped remains within the tab as expected. Place the same tab object inside another tab and position it with the inspector with the fact same co-ordinates and it spills into the other top level tabs.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create a tab object with two tabs (A and B). Inside tab A place a new tab object (A1) where the bottom borders are the same distance from the top. i.e the bottom borders sit onto of one another.

Click between tab A and B and tab A1 remains inside tab A as expected. Copy Tab A1 and paste it inside Tab B. Rename this tab B1. Use the inspector to position the tab with the same coordinates as tab A1. Move between tab A and B and note that this new tab is visible under Tab A and Tab B.

Expected result

That the tab objects with the same co-co-ordiantes should remind within their designated top level tab.

Actual result

Tab is visible in both tabs


Click on the Tab B1 and use the keyboard to move it one point up then down one point. The co-ordinates are the same but the tab now acts as expected.