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    Template files won't open



      Template files won't open

      Description of the issue

      I just downloaded FileMaker 11 Advanced and attempted to open the template files. Every file I've tried gives me the error message: "[filename]" could not be imported. Error: . Template files will not open with v.11 or v.10, however the sample file in the tutorial folder does open.

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          Thank you for your post.


          To make sure there wasn't a problem with the download, I also downloaded and installed FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced.  I am able to open every one of the Template files.  For example,


          FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced -> English Extras -> Templates -> Business - Finance -> Expense Report.fp7


          Double-clicking on this file opens in FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced.


          Are you running this on Windows or Mac?  What version of the OS?  I will try here to replicate your environment.



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