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Test Connection Fails in When Defining JDBC Driver Connection in Eclipse Helios

Question asked by A.RickAnderson on Jan 26, 2011


Test Connection Fails in When Defining JDBC Driver Connection in Eclipse Helios


FileMaker Server


Pro Advanced 11

Operating system version

Window 7 64-Bit

Description of the issue

I am attempting to connect to my FileMaker Pro Advanced 11 application via JDBC, using the Eclipse Helios JEE IDE.  I chose this download because it has the database development perspective.

I am getting inconsistent behavior between using a defined JDBC Connection and a dynamic JDBC look-up from the actual source code.

I attempted to define a JDBC Connection to my Filemaker application, based on the Generic JDBC Driver definition properties found in the Database Development perspective. Starting with "Generic JDBC", I modified it to use the following parameters:

My_Database - Copy


We are using WinDoze authentication in the Filemaker application, so I left the password field empty.

In the last page of the Wizard, there is a button to test your connection.  The test connection in Database Connections property window consistently fails with a message that "Ping fails".

But, if I start with the sample code from fm11_odbc_jdbc_guide_en.pdf, replace the parameters with those above (except that I pass an empty string for the password), then fix one or two typos in the PDF file, the code will  connect to the database without an error.  It will even connect to a different database, than the one that I opened originally, just as long as the Filemaker server is running.

Has anyone successfully connected to Filemaker from Eclipse?

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create a new JDBC driver, based on the Generic JDBC driver.
Attempt to test the connection.

Expected result

Connection Successful.

Actual result

The ping test will fail.


It seems to be connecting from the actual code.