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Text Clipping When Using Line Spacing; Other

Question asked by dont88_1 on Aug 30, 2010
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Text Clipping When Using Line Spacing; Other


FileMaker Pro


FMP Advanced 11.0v2

Operating system version

Windows XP32

Description of the issue

A text block with merged text data clips the lower half of the last line when formatted Line Space adds .5 lines above each paragraph. The text block is plenty long to accomodate all the merged text without clipping, regarless of how many lines.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1. Create a text block with plenty of unused space at the bottom.
2. Insert into the text block a couple merge fields that will result in a few lines of text. The problem appears to only occur with merged fields, not with text inserted into the block.
3. Format the text block Line Spacing to Other and add .5 lines above the text. Alignment remains at the default (top).
4. Preview the text to see the lower half of the last line clipped.

Expected result

This database was created and formatted in FMP 10 Advanced and worked fine. I expected, in the Preview mode and printed document, to have a half line spacing above each paragraph and for the text block to automatically close up and print only the pages necessary to include the entire last line of text from the last merged field.

Actual result

In FMP 11 Advanced, the text block closes up too far and clips the lower half of the last line of the merged text. It will not clip the last line if I use zero line spacing above or below the line or if I use static text that is not merged. It occurs on single pages and multiple pages.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information



Add a return after the last merged field, but this sometime ends up creating a blank page since many of my letters created end up long enough to go just to the bottom of the first page, but not beyond.