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    Text in numbers



      Text in numbers

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      It's not the easiest to explain so I'll provide the link here There are some anomalies with the index and value list for numbers but the strangest is that straight text (which exists in a number field; whether intentional or accidental) appear in a value list based upon that field's values.

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          Indeed very strange. "Monday" is not even a reserved word. Hmmm strange. Can FMI confirm this plz?

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            Thank you for your post.


            I can confirm this occurs on both Mac and Windows platforms.


            For those reading this and do not wish to look at the link, here is a synopsis:


            When a value list is based upon a Number field, FileMaker Pro will display the first entry of a specific value.  If the first entry includes text, even though the text has no value, it is displayed.  For example, if three records in a Number field contains 1a, 1b, and 1c, they all have the value 1.  Since 1a is the first record with the value 1, it will display first for the value 1, even if you add a record later with the contents 1.


            If an entry has characters with no value (that is, the characters 0-9 are omitted), then the first such entry will be displayed last in the Value List.  For example, if there are three entries with "/", "LaRetta", "TSGal", these entries do not contain any numeric characters and hence, no value.  Since "/" is the first record with no value encountered, it will be displayed last in the Value List.


            If you put your cursor in the Number field, pull down the Insert menu and select "From Index...",  The index is displayed that looks almost identical to the Value List, except the last entry from the Value List is replaced with a question mark.


            For the possible ramifications, please see the link provided by LaRetta.


            I have forwarded this inconsistency to our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments for review.  When an explanation becomes available, I will post here.



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