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    text object order should not be crticlal



      text object order should not be crticlal


      FileMaker Pro


      10 or 11

      Operating system version

      mac or windows

      Description of the issue

      When you name a layout object ( text, button, web ) and then make that object a button, it hides the name but will not work and breaks using objects to that item.

      Should either clear the name or keep the name when turn into a button.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Add a button or any other text object to a layout.
      Name the object -  "hello"
      Now - you select the object and make it a button.
        Look at the object properties - its now clear!
        Try to name it "hello" - even though can' see it, its there.

      Expected result

      Object should either show the name or clear then name.  Dont have it hidden.

      Actual result

      object is hidden can't clear or use.

      get error 5.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      the name Hello is already in use.  Please provide a unique name.

      Please provide a valid value.


      If you did the same but
        make the object
        assign it to a script
        then assign the object name

      everything is ok....

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          I had this happen to me just last week.  I was sure I had named an object but checked every object and couldn't find any with a name. I had been adding script triggers and scripts as well.   I tried to reuse the name but I was told that name was already in use.  I blamed it on my being quite tired but now it fits.

          Windows XP Professional SP2, FMPA 11.0v2

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            This has been discussed before and I myself would prefer some sort of handler to kick in when a button setup includes an object that has already been given an object name so we can rename the button with the object's name or such...

            Here's the "under the hood" explanation of what's going on--at least as I understand it.

            When you select a layout object and use button setup to define it as a button, you group it with an invisible layout object that adds the needed button functionality to your object. Like any other group, there's no way to see or modify the object names of any members of the group. Just like any other layout group, ungrouping the button once again exposes the object names of the group's elements. Unlike other groups, the "invisible button" member of your group is deleted when you ungroup--which can be very annoying when all you are trying to do is get the object name assigned to the entire button.

            The object names are still there and (at least with the layout fields I tested...), you can still use go to object to give them the focus. You just can't get to them in layout mode without ungrouping.

            It'd be nice to have the ability to see and edit the object names of any member of a group, but we don't have that with the current versions of filemaker.... :-(

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              If this has been discussed before, where is it posted.  Has FMI acknowledged the issue?

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                I forget where and exactly when. I remember playing with this feature when it was previously reported. I think it was in this section of the forum.

                I don't know if that thread was before or after I started maintaining the Known Bug List or not. I believe it has been perceived by Filemaker Inc. more as a need for a new feature than a bug as the object name is there and Go To object can reference it. It just looks missing due to the "smoke and mirrors" way filemaker handles this aspect of button setups and also because there is no way to see or modify the object names of objects that are part of a group. Nor is there any documentation to this effect that I know of.

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                  dhrowe10 (et al):

                  Thank you for your posts.

                  The explanation by PhilModJunk is correct.  When making an object a button, the original object then becomes a sub-object inside a button object.  The button object doesn't have a name by default.

                  FileMaker, Inc.

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                    Please note the lack of documentation on this FileMaker behavior.

                    I recently discovered that I can at least use the GetLayoutAttribute function to get to the name of an object that encloses the object I am referencing and I can also list the object names of any enclosed objects. That doesn't solve the main issue here--being unable to access the object names of objects that are members of a group when in layout mode nor even know that they exist, but it may help out in a few cases.