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text object order should not be crticlal

Question asked by dhrowe10 on Aug 8, 2010
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text object order should not be crticlal


FileMaker Pro


10 or 11

Operating system version

mac or windows

Description of the issue

When you name a layout object ( text, button, web ) and then make that object a button, it hides the name but will not work and breaks using objects to that item.

Should either clear the name or keep the name when turn into a button.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Add a button or any other text object to a layout.
Name the object -  "hello"
Now - you select the object and make it a button.
  Look at the object properties - its now clear!
  Try to name it "hello" - even though can' see it, its there.

Expected result

Object should either show the name or clear then name.  Dont have it hidden.

Actual result

object is hidden can't clear or use.

get error 5.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

the name Hello is already in use.  Please provide a unique name.

Please provide a valid value.


If you did the same but
  make the object
  assign it to a script
  then assign the object name

everything is ok....