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TextSizeRemove--minor bug found

Question asked by viscous_1 on Feb 23, 2010
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TextSizeRemove--minor bug found

Description of the issue

Affects FMP 10.0v3, both Mac and on Windows, advanced and regular pro versions. Symptom:  FM crashes and closes abruptly. Error caused by:  Trying to evaluate an incorrectly formatted TextSizeRemove() function in the data viewer or any other calculation dialog boxes. Description: When experimenting with trying to remove multiple sizes at once, I found this repeatable bug: TextSizeRemove("yourtexthere";[8;9;10]) As soon as that's entered into a calculation dialog and evaluated or saved, the program quits out. Other Text removal functions give a syntax error messages when trying similar tests; this one does not. TextSizeRemove(table::field;[8;9;10]) will give a standard error message and not crash.  It's only the combination of quoted text plus brackets that cause the crash.