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    the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000006)



      the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000006)

      Description of the issue

      We are running filemaker through our server and is accessed by 7 separate computers along with other programs like pinknotes. We have not had any problems with Filemaker as of yet and this morning out dispatcher received that code while opening Filemaker, though on all the other computers it is running fine. She is able to use the other programs (pinknotes) so we are sure its not a server problem, but something on her physical computer itself. There are no other problems like this on the forum so I am hoping someone can help as this is a HUGE part of all of our business, and mainly her since she is the dispatcher and centralizes her job around Filemaker working! We are using Filemaker Pro Advanced 8.5v2and our Windows version is XP sp3

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          What version of filemaker are you using to host the file?

          How are you hosting the file?

          What operating system is installed on the machine hosting the file?


          (The first computer to open the file is the "host" computer. It could be hosted with filemaker pro, filemaker server or filemaker server advanced.)


          What was your dispatcher doing immediately before this error?

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            The host version is Filemaker Pro Advanced 10

            The Server is Server 2008 R2 Standard


            She JUST told me that apparently it just shut everything down then turned itself off yesterday and had to manually restart it (depress and hold the power button) and after that it was working fine or so it seemed. Then today Filemaker was the first program she opened.


            There could be more contributing factors to this as she is not very tech savvy, but thats all the detail I could get out of her. I ended up getting the back up files from our server and reinstalling Filemaker on her computer, then took another computer off the server to see if it behaved any different than the ones on the server, and it now seems to be functioning normally. Couldnt figure out why, but it seems as though it was maybe a software problem. We ran antivirus/antispyware and came back with nothing.


            Only other thing I can think of is we got new antivirus/spyware programs and it could have detected a process and deleted it, but there is normally a popup before any actions are taken, but I have yet to see that happen for anything on these computers.

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              How does she open the hosted file?


              Does she use Open Remote... (This can be scripted or set up with an opener file, but the result is the same)?


              Or does she navigate to a shared directory on the server and open it directly?


              If she is using the 2nd option, make her stop immediately. The file should be hosted from the server with filemaker pro or server and then all users should use open remote to find and open this hosted file. Direct access to a shared directory has been known to corrupt filemaker database files.