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The constrained movement mode has degraded (2/2)

Question asked by MikhailEdoshin on Apr 18, 2013
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The constrained movement mode has degraded (2/2)


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Description of the issue

To move an object along the horizontal or vertical axis you need to hold the Shift key. But you cannot hold it and start moving the object, because this will be interpreted as selection or deselection. You need to start moving first and then hold the Shift key.

In v11 you could move the object someplace but once you pressed the Shift key, it immediately snapped to one of axis relatively to the original position and you could move it where desired (see the post 1/2 for the description of how it automatically swapped the axes to follow your intentions). In v12, however, it enters the constraining mode, but it uses the CURRENT position of the object as the reference point.

So you see the problem: I have to start moving the object before I can press Shift to constrain its movement; but once I've moved it, it went away from the position I wanted to constrain to and FileMaker constrains the movement to the wrong position.

I'd say this is a fairly serious issue because in v12 you have to move objects with the mouse to bless them to be owned by a portal or a tab; other methods of movement do not work.

Steps to reproduce the problem

In layout move start moving some object without holding the Shift key. Now press the Shift key.

Expected result

The object jumps to align with the original position (before dragging) either by horizontal or by vertical coordinate (which one doesn't matter, as you can easily swap them later).

Actual result

The object doesn't jump anywhere; it enters the constrained movement mode, but it uses the current position as the reference point.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


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None. This quirk makes Shift-dragging practically useless as it negates the very idea of Shift-dragging.