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The data filed reverted to an earlier time - records lost

Question asked by JohnTheQuilter on Mar 27, 2009
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The data filed reverted to an earlier time - records lost

Description of the issue

I am using FMP 10.  I am Not a database guru by any means however I am familiar enough with them and FMP to recognize that I didn't accidentally delete 28 records from my quilt show database.  The file contains 498 records.  I had checked all data including using spell check on the story or narrative about the quilts being registered for a show.  I was going to print one of the reports, saw an error on one of the records.  Left the report view that I was using and opened the registration form view to open the particular record.  The record count had changed from 498 to 470.  28 records, gone.  Initially I had thought that the last find I had used only brought up some of the records.  However, that was not the case.  They were gone.  I am suggesting that something happened with the db to revert to an earlier time in the day because the finds, or most recent finds, in the list were in fact not some that I had been using only moments before.  Also a second table containing the data related to the individuals registering quilts was also missing two records that I had entered that afternoon.  I have not been able to duplicate what happened and am at a loss as to understand what happened.  The records have been reentered, reports printed, no problems.  Anyone else out there had this happen? Three other files I use for inventory records, quilt tracking, and entertainment information have never had an issue like this.  I had not created any scripts that would have sought the 28 records that disappeared, nor any finds for those particular records.  It made absolutely no sense.   any thoughts?  I am getting a little old, **bleep**, I am on medicare, and do occassionally screw things up, but nothing like this.