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The DDR Reports imports into new tables as a missing TO with an id

Question asked by nickorr on Feb 21, 2011


The DDR Reports imports into new tables as a missing TO with an id


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Description of the issue

When you generate the DDR for a script step that has an import step, that imports into a new table, the DDR shows it as being for an existing Table with no table name, making it impossible to distinguish this from a real existing table.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create a new file with one script.  Add an "Import Records" step to this script, and set the Import Order to "New Table".  Run the DDR.

Expected result

The import step should show that this is a new table.  Also it shouldn't have any existing table id or names in the output data.

Actual result

The DDR shows a node like :

Table id="1" name=""

Because there is no other information about which table the import is going into, or the fact that it's a new table and not and existing one, it's almost impossible to tell it apart from a missing, existing table.  An existing table that has been deleted would also show an id field but with a missing name, and this is the only real way of knowing if the script has issues.


An ideal situation would be if the import step included information about the option for a "New Table" as separate details, so it could be referenced explicitly.  Preferably as well, in this case, you wouldn't include any Table details so that you wouldn't confuse this with existing Tables.