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The DDR reports SQL queries using invalid XML

Question asked by nickorr on Nov 28, 2010
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The DDR reports SQL queries using invalid XML


FileMaker Pro


FMPA 11v2

Operating system version

OSX 10.6.5

Description of the issue

When you have a file that uses a calculation for the Execute SQL script step, and then run a DDR, the report has inaccuracies with the way it reports the calculation.  It generates two Calculation nodes, one generic one, and one "QueryCalc" one.

Also the QueryCalc one is contained within a CDATA section, but the actual text is encoded, so you end up with inaccurate data for what the calc contains.  Plus the QueryCalc section contains no DisplayData nodes, whereas the generic calc does.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create a new file, and a new script.  Add a Execute SQL step to the script and change the option for QueryType to calculation.  Enter some details like function calls in the calc.

Save the script, close Script Editor and generate an XML DDR for the file.

Expected result

There should only be one Calculation node in the output.  The step contains two.

The QueryCalc/Calculation node has the CDATA sections wrong, they shouldn't be encoded as "<![CDATA[" they should be the same as the other calculation section.

There is no DisplayCalculation nodes for the QueryCalc node.  So there are no references generated for this calculation.

Actual result

There should only be one Calculation generated, it makes it difficult to interpret when there is more than one, and the included information should be accurate ( valid CDATA sections, included references ) for every Calculation node.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear



Not available.