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The mouse is very touchy in v12

Question asked by MikhailEdoshin on Apr 15, 2013
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The mouse is very touchy in v12


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Description of the issue

The mouse in v12 became very touchy. I'm not sure about proper terms here, but as far as I know normally mouse movements have to pass a certain threshold to be considered "real" movements that need to be acted upon. This way small unconscious movements are ignored and only obvious movements produce actions.

In v12 this threshold seems to be much lower than in previous versions, causing a whole lot of issues. For example, I may try to select an object, but instead end up moving it slightly. The movement is so small that I usually fail to notice it and realize this only much later when I see that the neat alignment has gone or that the object popped out of a portal or a tab by a single pixel and is no longer "owned" by this portal or tab. Or I may want to type out a label, click somewhere in a layout, and start typing; but FileMaker detects the tiny movement during the click and things I've dragged the mouse to outline the width of the label (one or two pixels). As a result when I start typing, I get a thin vertical "label" which cannot even show the characters.

I don't think this is something with my mouse, because I'm getting the same experience both on Mac and on PC with different mice and because in v11 and earlier everything is still pretty comfortable.

I also want to file a complaint :) v12 brought us a lot of changes, including numerous changes in layout tools. First I thought I would accustom to this as I usually do and will be as efficient as I was in v11 and all older versions up to v4. But so far this haven't happen. I don't see other users are complaining, so first I thought it's just me, but... well, even if so, I have to raise this up. I'm going to post a series of issues; each of them is probably not a big deal, but together they really slow things down. I think I spend like four times as much in layout mode than I used to. I have to file each issue separately, but I want you to know they're all interconnected and enforce each other.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Prepare a layout with a few objects on it; align them so you can detect if they are misaligned and turn off all alignment helpers. Start selecting the objects with the mouse and, say, change their colors. After some time you'll probably move one of them a pixel or two out of place.

Select the text tool and start typing text labels on a layout by clicking in a free space and typing. After some time you'll probably get a label that is one or two pixels wide.

Expected result

The tiny mouse movements are ignored up to certain comfortable threshold.

Actual result

The tiny mouse movements are not ignored; even a single pixel is treated as a conscious movement and is immediately acted upon.

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None. That is it doesn't occur each time and you can undo the damage or delete the broken results and start over, but it adds up to frustration.