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The status toolbar in FM10 takes up space!

Question asked by hammondplayer on Feb 9, 2009


The status toolbar in FM10 takes up space!

Description of the issue

Dear software developers, Thank you very much for all new useful features in FM10! But as always with new version (no matter which application), a new version looses some old good features. 1) Why is the status toolbar moved to the top? It takes too much area from the screen, especially annoying when you have a widescreen and/or a smaller laptop. Without added icons there's a lot of grey area to the right of the icons, that I'd prefer to use as active area in my database layout. 2) And why are the icons so unnecessary large? I use Windows, I have understood that Mac-users can adjust, though. 3) Finally, it's possible to add extra icons in the toolbar, fine. But why is the "best-of"-list chosen by FM so tiny? For instance, I wanted to rebuild the in my opinion slick and slim toolbar from FM7 (I jumped from 7 to 10), but that was impossible. For some strange reason basic functions like "cut" and "paste" isn't available there. Further, I can find "exclude" (one post) and "show excluded" but not "exclude several posts". Look at the magnificent toolbar from FM7. Mmm, wonderful... Please give it back to me!  Suggestions:Make it possible to move the status toolbar to leftside/up, or why not leftside/rightside/up/down.Make it possible to change icon size also for Windows-usersMake it possible to add more functions as icons in the toolbar, example cut/paste, exclude several posts, etc.I'm using the Swedish version FM10 Advanced version 10.0v1 on a Windows XP computer, with FM Server 10 on a Windows Small Business Server 2003. There is no newer update in Swedish as far as I know.