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THEME UPDATE - When a style is removed layout objects of that style have their appearance...

Question asked by disabled_mrw-old-account-do-not-use on Jun 11, 2014
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THEME UPDATE - When a style is removed layout objects of that style have their appearance unhelpfully reset


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Description of the issue

When updating a theme via import theme where a locally created style is removed because it is not in the incoming theme, all objects which had this local style are reset to Standard and CHANGE THEIR APPEARANCE - instead of just removing the association to the style.

This is at least VERY IRRITATING, seemingly unnecessary and at most a bug.

Such layout objects should RETAIN their appearance, instead of CHANGING their appearance. (Technically: The style information should become LocalCSS instead of just being removed!)

Steps to reproduce the problem

1. Create a file "Theme A"
2. Create a theme "A" with some styles in it
3. Save the styles to the theme
4.1 Create a second file and import Theme "A" into it
4.2 In file 2 add a new button with a new distinctive style "This style will be removed"
5. Save this style to the theme and save the theme
6. Enter browse mode // you see the new button with the new style
7. Update the theme in file 2 by reimporting it from file "Theme A" // button appearance has been reset

Expected result

I expect the button to have style "Standard".
I expect the button to NOT change its appearance.
I expect the arrow next to the style name "Standard" to be red (because)
I expect the button to have LocalCSS.

Actual result

The button has style "Standard", as expected, BUT:
The button has changed its appearance.
The arrow next to the style name "Standard" is black (because)
The button has no LocalCSS.

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ONLY create styles in your main Theme file.

If unsure, before importing use fmCheckMate + XSLT "Analyse - Theme - Theme for diff" to compare themes between files.

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