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    Thesaurus entries in scriptnames (scripteditor)

    Markus Schneider


      Thesaurus entries in scriptnames (scripteditor)


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version


      Description of the issue

      when clicking on a word of a script-name and pressing ESC -> a list of thesaurus entries appears. One wrong click - and boom, script name lost

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      open script editor
      open a script
      double-click one word of the script name
      -> pop-up list with entries, not even matching words appear...

      some of the FileMaker dialoges will disappear with ESC, some will not - sooner or later, one presses ESC - and done You are...

      Expected result

      NO thesaurus, nothing happens

      Actual result

      pop-up list appears


      take good care