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Time Format Display Loses Fractions of a Second

Question asked by hmhalff on Jan 15, 2009
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Time Format Display Loses Fractions of a Second

Description of the issue

I use Filemaker Pro to track times in athletic events (swimming races). I need to display these times to 1/100 sec, for example, 4:44:44.44. This display was possible in FMP 8.5, in fields that had  a time format of hh:mm:ss (24 hr) anda number format of fixed decimal with 2 places.  In FMP 9, 9.5, and 10, this feature is broken. Times with fractional seconds display with the fractions set to zero, for example, 4:44:44.00. I would love to have a workaround for this problem. Right now, I'm forced to use Version 8.5 for event times. BTW, the problem manifest in FMP and FMP Advanced, and under Mac OS X and Win XP.