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Times change in html page, instant publishing. Specifically 11:00 AM becomes 1:00 AM

Question asked by BakerD on May 13, 2011


Times change in html page, instant publishing. Specifically 11:00 AM becomes 1:00 AM


FileMaker Server


Operating system version

Windows Server 2003

Description of the issue

Only in Web Browser being Instant Web Published from server or local client version 8.x (does not occur when instant web pub from version 10); time data in portal changes when clicking in any accessible field. Instant Web Publishing. Time changes as follows: only affects the times 11:xx AM and 12:xx PM. the "1" is removed changing the numbers from 11:xx AM to 1:xx AM and 12:xx PM to 2:xx PM. Does not affect other times.There are 2 jpg images attached, a before and after. The only action taken between the 2 shots was a single click in any modifiable field triggering the submit request. The fields affected are next to the fields in the center of the screen shot next to the fields with red letters. Note that the action is pending a Submit. The data in the table is not changed unless Submitted.  This will prevent the change from occurring. Changing the field from a time field to a text field makes no difference. Change still occurs

Steps to reproduce the problem

Click a changeable field and the data changes. Only changes time that is displayed in the portal.

Expected result

Data changes

Actual result

Data changes

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information

Problem occurs when using 8.xx web server and from a FMP 8.5 advanced standalone. Problem does not occur when using FMP 10 v3


An inconvenient work around is to enter the data with the seconds included, "hh:mm:ss".