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    Tons of data lost randomly. How do I get it back!?!?!?



      Tons of data lost randomly. How do I get it back!?!?!?

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      I am extremely upset right now. I have Bento 2.0v5 and Bento for iPhone running on MAC OS X with Leopard. I did a ton of work on Sunday Nov 17th and it did not ask me to back-up when I exited the program, as it does usually. So I did not back it up. For some unknown reason, the database went bad and for a night, Bento wouldn't open at all. I tried again today and Bento opened and I restored the last back-up I had created from Nov 14th. At this time I still had all the information that I had input and more on my iPhone. I read on the forum that the information from the iPhone replaces the information on the computer, so I synced my iphone to my computer and lost all of the information. My computer copied to my iPhone. I need to get all the information that I researched and input. I have and use time machine. Where can I go to revert to Nov 17th Bento with Time Machine? Or is the backup the only place where I can find information to revert to? In Library - Bento.Backup? I tried going into my time machine and restoring the application Bento. It did not change anything. Furthermore, why did this happen! I just started loving Bento after creating this amazing database and filling it with information which took a lot of time and effort to collect and then this happens!

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          Thank you for your post.


          On an initial sync, the data from Bento for iPhone and Bento for Mac is merged.  However, if you ever initiate a new sync, the data from Bento for Mac will overwrite the data from Bento for iPhone.  However, just prior to overwriting the data on the iPhone, the information from Bento for iPhone is backed up to the Mac into a Backup folder.  If you look in the folder on your Mac:


          User Account -> Library -> Application Support -> Bento


          You will see a "bento.bentodb" file, which is your database file for Bento 2.0v5.  In addition, you should see a folder that is named after your device followed by "Backup".  Do the following steps:


          1. Quit Bento.


          2. Rename "bento.bentodb" to "MACbento.bentodb"


          3. Open the Backup folder, duplicate the most recent file, and name it "bento.bentodb"


          4. Take the "bento.bentodb" file from the Backup folder and place it in the Bento folder along with "MACbento.bentodb" file.


          5. Launch Bento 2.0v5, and you will see your data that used to reside in Bento for iPhone.  Sync again, and the information on your mobile device will now be up to date.


          If you run into any difficulty, please let me know.


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