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Tons of data lost randomly. How do I get it back!?!?!?

Question asked by amihoward on Nov 21, 2009
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Tons of data lost randomly. How do I get it back!?!?!?

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I am extremely upset right now. I have Bento 2.0v5 and Bento for iPhone running on MAC OS X with Leopard. I did a ton of work on Sunday Nov 17th and it did not ask me to back-up when I exited the program, as it does usually. So I did not back it up. For some unknown reason, the database went bad and for a night, Bento wouldn't open at all. I tried again today and Bento opened and I restored the last back-up I had created from Nov 14th. At this time I still had all the information that I had input and more on my iPhone. I read on the forum that the information from the iPhone replaces the information on the computer, so I synced my iphone to my computer and lost all of the information. My computer copied to my iPhone. I need to get all the information that I researched and input. I have and use time machine. Where can I go to revert to Nov 17th Bento with Time Machine? Or is the backup the only place where I can find information to revert to? In Library - Bento.Backup? I tried going into my time machine and restoring the application Bento. It did not change anything. Furthermore, why did this happen! I just started loving Bento after creating this amazing database and filling it with information which took a lot of time and effort to collect and then this happens!