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Too easy to delete scripts (confirmation bypassed when Option held)

Question asked by Dillik on Nov 7, 2013
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Too easy to delete scripts (confirmation bypassed when Option held)


FileMaker Pro


FMP 12.4, 12.5

Operating system version

OS X 10.7.5

Description of the issue

If you press the keyboard shortcut Option-Delete with a script selected in the Manage Scripts dialog, the script is immediately and permanently deleted without a confirmation dialog. If you're hitting Option-Delete several times in quick succession, you may immediately delete multiple scripts before you see what's happening.

Here's how I ended up deleting several of my own scripts without meaning to: The search box for filtering scripts by name uses traditional OS X text-editing shortcuts, which includes Option-Delete to delete the whole previous word. When I want to clear out multiple words, I'm in the habit of using Option-Delete to do so quickly (maybe I wanted the last three words deleted but not the first one, so I'd hit Option-Delete three times quickly).

Now, if you use this text-editing keypress while the search box has the cursor in it, it behaves as expected. If, for some reason, a script name has become selected instead, Option-Delete now begins deleting scripts permanently in rapid succession. Having really screwed up my production file in this way, I've now been scared out of using my usual keyboard shortcut when Manage Scripts is open. (I do admit the cursor position is my responsibility to oversee, but in my opinion the penalty for an oversight is exceptionally severe in this case.)

I also understand FileMaker has at least one other scenario in which a keyboard shortcut can suppress a deletion confirmation dialog (Command-Option-E to delete a record immediately). That shortcut could be dangerous in its own right, I suppose, but the reason I consider the immediate script deletion more dangerous is that I don't believe Command-Option-E is a keypress someone would have reason to type for reasons other than deletion; for example, there is no alternate utility for Command-Option-E (not in FileMaker, anyway) which would suddenly turn destructive if your cursor context were to change. In Manage Scripts, however, Option-Delete is a valid text-editing keypress (when the cursor is in the search box), and it far too easily swings from useful to incredibly destructive.

Also, I would ask: How important is it that script-writers have a keyboard shortcut to immediately delete scripts in rapid sequence? I can understand needing to quickly delete a number of records without confirmation dialogs slowing you down, but unlike records, scripts give you the ability to select multiples before using the delete command (if you want to delete scripts in bulk, you can do so without needing rapid-fire deletion). The risk of disaster doesn't justify the intended utility of this particular shortcut, in my opinion.

Expected result

Confirmation dialog for script deletion (even when Option-Delete pressed)