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    Too easy to delete scripts (confirmation bypassed when Option held)



      Too easy to delete scripts (confirmation bypassed when Option held)


      FileMaker Pro


      FMP 12.4, 12.5

      Operating system version

      OS X 10.7.5

      Description of the issue

      If you press the keyboard shortcut Option-Delete with a script selected in the Manage Scripts dialog, the script is immediately and permanently deleted without a confirmation dialog. If you're hitting Option-Delete several times in quick succession, you may immediately delete multiple scripts before you see what's happening.

      Here's how I ended up deleting several of my own scripts without meaning to: The search box for filtering scripts by name uses traditional OS X text-editing shortcuts, which includes Option-Delete to delete the whole previous word. When I want to clear out multiple words, I'm in the habit of using Option-Delete to do so quickly (maybe I wanted the last three words deleted but not the first one, so I'd hit Option-Delete three times quickly).

      Now, if you use this text-editing keypress while the search box has the cursor in it, it behaves as expected. If, for some reason, a script name has become selected instead, Option-Delete now begins deleting scripts permanently in rapid succession. Having really screwed up my production file in this way, I've now been scared out of using my usual keyboard shortcut when Manage Scripts is open. (I do admit the cursor position is my responsibility to oversee, but in my opinion the penalty for an oversight is exceptionally severe in this case.)

      I also understand FileMaker has at least one other scenario in which a keyboard shortcut can suppress a deletion confirmation dialog (Command-Option-E to delete a record immediately). That shortcut could be dangerous in its own right, I suppose, but the reason I consider the immediate script deletion more dangerous is that I don't believe Command-Option-E is a keypress someone would have reason to type for reasons other than deletion; for example, there is no alternate utility for Command-Option-E (not in FileMaker, anyway) which would suddenly turn destructive if your cursor context were to change. In Manage Scripts, however, Option-Delete is a valid text-editing keypress (when the cursor is in the search box), and it far too easily swings from useful to incredibly destructive.

      Also, I would ask: How important is it that script-writers have a keyboard shortcut to immediately delete scripts in rapid sequence? I can understand needing to quickly delete a number of records without confirmation dialogs slowing you down, but unlike records, scripts give you the ability to select multiples before using the delete command (if you want to delete scripts in bulk, you can do so without needing rapid-fire deletion). The risk of disaster doesn't justify the intended utility of this particular shortcut, in my opinion.

      Expected result

      Confirmation dialog for script deletion (even when Option-Delete pressed)

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               Hmmm, this reminds me of the old joke: "Doctor, it hurts when I do this" and the Doctor says: "then don't do that!"

               Seems that if you want the added protection of the confirmation dialog, you shouldn't hold down the option key while deleting scripts.

               Or is there another reason for holding down that key?

               (BTW, on windows machines, holding down the shift key suppresses the confirmation dialog.)

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                 Phil, that is arguably a fair point for just about any destructive-but-elective behavior ("just don't do that anymore"), but here's how it boils down for me:

                 When you're text editing in OS X (regardless of the program), Option-Delete (to be more specific, the Option key plus the backward-Delete key, which normal people and Windows users would call Backspace) is a keyboard shortcut which means, "delete the previous word." I use it all the time (I used it quite a number of times while editing this reply, even!). I don't believe there's a counterpart in Windows for whole-word deletion, so if you're not accustomed to having it, it makes sense that you wouldn't understand the temptation to use it frequently and without much hesitation. If you're not a Mac user (or you are but you don't use that shortcut), please take my word for its high usefulness for those of us who do use it.

                 That said, Option-Delete suddenly changes (only in Manage Scripts, and only on OS X) from very useful to very dangerous depending on cursor position. It's my own fault for pressing a destructive shortcut key in the wrong context, I don't deny, but it's just so very punishing for such a small mistake, and it most certainly is a keyboard shortcut I otherwise use all over the place.

                 I don't believe there's an effective counterpart for this scenario in Windows. In my limited experimentation, it seems Shift-Delete (that is, Shift plus forward-Delete) will delete scripts without confirmation in Windows, while Shift-Delete in text editing means "I want the forward-Delete button to now function as Backspace," but I'm guessing a collision between those two intents is less likely than the OS X scenario. (Also, in my experimentation, Shift-Delete doesn't appear to do anything in the Manage Script dialog's search bar despite its functionality in other text-editing contexts, so you'd have even less reason to run into this in Windows.)

                 Though I may not have been clear enough in my original post, I was not intending to criticize the effect of using a modifier key (Option in OS X, Shift in Windows) with the Delete button located at the bottom of the Manage Scripts GUI. I agree if you use modifier keys with that GUI button you invite destruction on yourself. I'm only discussing a keyboard shortcut which (destruction here aside) is extremely useful in countless other contexts.

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                   Yes, in windows, I can't seem to delete a script from the keyboard so that does clarify things a lot.

                   Ctrl backspace and Ctrl delete will delete entire words when editing text in Windows (At least it works in Post A new Answer in Firefox on Windows 7...).

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                     Ah, thanks for the info. Maybe it's employed program-specifically in Windows whereas it seems to be OS-wide in OS X. I shudder to think of editing text without it.

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                       Thank you for the post.


                       Holding down the  Option key in Mac OS X is often used by other applications to suppress warning dialogs. 


                       When using the Mac OS X version of FileMaker Pro 12.0v5 (Advanced) or a previous version, holding the Option key during most delete actions will suppress the "Permanently delete the selected…" warning dialog. 


                       The FileMaker delete warning dialog may be suppressed in the following examples (not intended as a comprehensive list):


                       1. Table View > Right-Click Field > Field > (Hold Option) & Click Delete

                       2. File > Manage > Database  > Tables > Highlight Table > (Hold Option) & Click/Press Delete

                       3. File > Manage > Database  > Fields > Highlight Field > (Hold Option) & Click/Press Delete

                       4. File > Manage > Database > Relationships > Highlight Table Occurrence > (Hold Option) & Click/Press Delete

                       5. File > Manage > Layouts > Highlight Layout > (Hold Option) & Click/Press Delete


                       This was identical behavior in FileMaker Pro 11 (Advanced) and earlier versions. 


                       If you would like to see a change in this behavior, I would encourage you to enter this as a suggestion into our Feature Requests web form at:




                       These web form suggestions are monitored and read by our Development and Product Management departments and then discussed and considered for a future release. Although I could copy and paste your post into the web form, there are some questions asked that only you can answer.



                       FileMaker, Inc.

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                         Ah, fair enough, I guess this is more of a feature request (or feature removal request). Submitted.