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Top field value not shown with two fields on top of each other

Question asked by GuyStevens on Jun 22, 2012
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Top field value not shown with two fields on top of each other


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7 64 bit

Description of the issue

I often place two fields on top of each other where the bottom field is an IdFk field that acts as a dropdown with field entry in Browse mode but not in find mode. This dropdown get's an ID value from another table.
On top of that I'll put the Name field from the other table so the user doesn't need to see the ID.
I'll make that field an edit box that can only be entered into in Find mode.

Images here:

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create a portal, add an Idfk field, set it up to be a dropdown list getting values from another table (Let's say Clients). Set this dropdown to have an ID in the first field, a name in the second field. Show only second field.
Also make field entry possible only in Browse mode.

Duplicate this IDFK field, change it to an edit box. Field Entry only in Find Mode. Make this the Name field from the related table (Clients)

Now Ctrl-Drag this portal so that a copy is created.
Base it on a second TO of the same table. Change the fields so they point to the correct fields of the Second TO.

Expected result

You should never see any ID. But apparently sometimes I do see the ID field, but not the Name field that is supposed to be on top.

Actual result

This works most of the time but I've noticed already several times that I sometimes had the problem that you would see the ID of the IDFK field, but not the name of the top field.
And sometimes for some records it would work and for some it wouldn't.

You would have one record in a portal with a name showing up and the other records showing ID's in stead of names.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

Nope, but you wouldn't expect any in this situation.


The solution is really stupid;
Move the top Name fields one pixel to the right.
Check it out on Browse Mode, now your names do show up.
Move your name fields one pixel back to the left and they keep showing up.
Problem solved.
But it's kind of frustrating if you don't know this workaround and can figure out why something that has been set up perfectly would not work.

But I have the feeling this has to do with duplicating objects.
I made one portal first and tested it and it worked nicely. I duplicated it, changed the data sources so the secont portals fields would point to the other TO and when I tested then ID's started showing up.