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    Top of FM window off screen



      Top of FM window off screen

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      I am using Filemaker Pro 10.0v1, with OS X.5.8. I have a database I have not opened in a couple of months. When I opened it today, the top of the window is off the top of my screen. I cannot find a way of moving the window down (since I can't get to the top of it), nor can I use the database since I can't access the fields at the top of the window or the buttons up there.

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             Perhaps you can use one of the window functions such as Tiling or cascading them.
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            Thank you for your post.


            Create a script with the script step:


            Move/Resize Window [ Current window ; Top: 10 ; Left: 10 ]


            This will put the database window 10 pixels from the top and 10 pixels from the left edge.


            Save the script and execute.



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                 I've noticed the same problem several times and have already implemented what you suggest in several scripts triggered "OnLayoutLoad". However I believe this is a workaround to a bug. It doesn't explain why the problem is happening and it shouldn't happen. I've debugged dozens of scripts to try and find what's causing a given window to appear too high on the screen and, as it turns out, the answer is "nothing". Although proper window management would indicate situating each window on the screen, this shouldn't be necessary. I've seen no other applications exhibit this behavior although they probably exist.
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                   I have also seen this behaviour which for me followed the use of an external monitor on my laptop while I was using Filemaker. Somehow, Filemaker has got latched on to a strange screen size. If I plug in the external monitor and rearrange the second screen using the display preferences pane so that it lies above the main screen with the menu bar, I can bring the window down to view, but unfortunately, this is not preserved on relaunch of the Filemaker file. All other files are affected, not just those which were opened whent the external screen was attached. I have built the script above into the file startup to make filemaker usable when I don't have the external monitor. Seems to be a filemaker bug to me.
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                     Actually, I seem to have cured the behaviour by quitting Filemaker after correcting the screen arrangements and unplugging external monitor. Not entirely sure what I did, but files opening in the right places now.
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                       Another quick fix is to toggle the status area on then off. This places the window lower.