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    Total Balance within a Portal



      Total Balance within a Portal


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      I have a portal of individual invoices.  I am trying to make a field of the total balance from the individual invoices within each record.  Any thought?  I have tried to make the field a summary and a calculation and seem to be epically failing.  THANKS! :)


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          Note: this part of the forum is intended for posting reports of possible software bugs. The FM Pro Forum is intended for requesting help with FileMaker Pro. (See tabs at top of this screen.)

          From your screen shot, it appears you want a total of the field Bills::Balance_Due

          If you define a field in Patient management as:

          Sum ( Bills::Balance_Due )

          It will report the total fo that field for all records in the portal, provided that the portal is unfiltered.

          You can also define a summary field, sTotalDue as to the total of Balance_Due in the Bills table, then add it to the layout shown and it should report the same exact total.