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      In the Training Series Resource, Module 2, Creating Container Fields, example 2.5.1, I have followed the directions to create the "PersonPic" container field, but when I return to Browse mode, the field shows "" and does not allow me to complete the steps in example 2.5.3. Clicking in the container field results in the error message: "This operation could not be completed because the target is not part of a related table."  When I view the contents of the Person table under the Manage Database tab "Relationships" , the PersonPic field appears but is greyed out.  In the "Specify Field" window, the "PersonPic" field appears under the "persongroup_PERSON" table, which is listed as an unrelated table. What is the issue here and how can I correct it?

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               Container fields are not and cannot be used as match fields in a relationship. The table does need to be linked in a relationship, but by a different field in the table. Review your training series instructions to find what pair of match fields needs to be specified for the needed relationship.