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    Trial not working



      Trial not working

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      I am testing FM 10 to see if I will buy it. I download it and install it on Tiger. Install worked but when I try to run it, nada. Only the name shows up in the top bar and FM Pro in the doc. Cannot quit the app in the doc either. We talking dead fish here. Prior to buying 9, did the same drill, no problems. Any help on this would be terrific.

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          Thank you for your post.


          Although I'm well aware this doesn't help you, FileMaker Pro should work on Tiger (10.4.11).


          I'd like to remove any possible barriers, so if you have any other applications running, please quit.  Try launching FileMaker Pro 10.  If this doesn't work, then reboot the machine and then launching.  If this fails, then remove the trial version, download a new trial and reinstall.  Does this work?


          Do you have access to another machine?  If so, install the trial and launch.  Any problems?


          Any other information you can provide about your system may be helpful to narrowing down the possible cause(s).



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            This is a duplicate post. The original at:


            FM Trial not working.


            Contains more technical details which suggests that the issue may be due to the OS version.