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    Trial version error dialog



      Trial version error dialog


      FileMaker Pro


      FileMakerPro12 Trial

      Operating system version

      Mac Mountain Lion

      Description of the issue

      received dialog when trying to open created FMP12 file:

      The document "SDT Customers.fmp12" could not be opened. FileMaker Pro cannot open files in the "FileMaker Document" format.

      Is there some limitation during trial which causes this? I am evaluating to purchase FMP12 but I hesitate to put my $$ down if this is true from my understanding.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      click the saved data file.

      Expected result

      File should open

      Actual result

      Strange dialog opens instead.

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               Bob Sincick:

               Thank you for the post.


               The FileMaker Pro 12 Trial is fully functional and includes the same starter solutions that come with the full version. 


               I do not recognize the name of the file you mention "SDT Customers.fmp12" as being one of FileMaker's starter solutions. 


               Is this the name you gave one of the starter solutions or was this file create with a previous version of FileMaker Pro and then converted?


               Where is the file located? 


               You say you "click the saved file" to open it. What happens if you open FileMaker Pro first and then choose File>Open and browse to the file's location, then do you still see the error?


               If you do still encounter the error, can you move a copy to the desktop and right click and get info and post a screen shot of the "Sharing & Permissions" section?



               FileMaker, Inc.

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            Hi Bob, I can confirm that it is a common (but not severe) issue. It is not inevitably related to trial versions : After FileMaker has crashed, or if you force quit it, when you restart FileMaker by opening a file instead of opening the application first, you will receive exactly this message box until you close your system session. But anyways, even you don't close your system session, once FileMaker Pro is started, you can normally double-clic on all the files you want without error. TSFalcon : What is it relevant i think is following : in this same situation, if you open your system monitor activity app and quit the "fmiwppf" and "FM Web Publishing services" that are still running, the issue don't appear. I noticed this issue since FMP11 only. But i never reported it, sorry. :-) So, maybe it was the reason why Bob encounter this issue ? Bye all, Fred
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                   Fred, TSFalcon,

                   OK, I can finally duplicate this error consistantly.

                   If FMP is NOT running (ie: cold boot, nothing running).  If I click on any FMP file (either self generated or sample) I get the error dialog. If I start FMP and then close it (it is still remaining in memory) and then click on any FMP file it will open normally. I am guessing that because it is a "Trial" version and it must start with the dialog that asks for licence key or continue in Trial mode. This licence/Trial dialoge is not triggered when the file is selected directly. I have satisfied myself that this is not an inherent problem with FMP or Mac but rather a bit of wierdness that would not occure with licensed version.  Thanks for the help and suggestions guys,


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                Well done Bob... In my last post, i was not as precise as you, and now, thanks to you, i understand that i encounter another occurrence of the same problem than you or, at least, a very similar problem. But I didn't had an evaluation version since long time and i am convinced by this product for the rest of my life so... ;-). TS Falcon, if it can help, here is how to replicate "my occurrence" of the bug : > Assuming that FileMaker is running and the Instant Web Publishing is running too. > Force Quit FileMaker. a ) > If you reopen FileMaker by double-clic on the application, a message is appearing and is saying that it cannot publish on the web. In fact it is because the related service is still running (separated service for IWP so when you forced quit FMP, it didn't force quit this related service). In comparison with Trial version issue that Bob explained very well, this message dialog is like the dialog that ask a license key. You push OK and let's go : No problem (except that IWP doesn'nt work). b ) > Else, if you reopen FileMaker by double-clic on a FILE, you receive first the same error message than a ) and very fastly, before you have time to push OK, a second message appears : The document "Filename.fmp12" could not be opened. FileMaker Pro cannot open files in the "FileMaker Document" format. Bye to all, Fred
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                       Thank you for the posts. 


                       FileMaker's Knowledge Base article 7669, Mac OS X: Error message when launching a FileMaker file via drag and drop or double clicking a database goes into more detail about the behavior Fred is referring to.




                       Thank you for additionally reporting this error can occur when using the FileMaker Pro 12 Trial. 


                       For those who may come to this post in the future, as a workaround, launch FileMaker first through the Applications folder or the application icon within your dock and then drag/drop or double click a database to launch a file.



                       FileMaker, Inc.