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    Type Ahead in TO List



      Type Ahead in TO List

      Description of the issue

      I tried submitting this bug report on the FMI website, but apparently that option no longer exists.  (As an aside:  it's a terrible, terrible idea to provide nothing but this forum for providing feedback to FMI.  These forums are far from user friendly, and it makes interacting with FMI much more unfriendly than it used to be.  Please give us a simple web form for submitting bugs again!!)  For instance, I tried submitting this bug report multiple times, but the stupid forum submission page keeps rejecting it for "invalid html".  There is no html in my post.   In FM 11, Mac OS X, type ahead no longer works when trying to specify a table occurrence in any Specify Field dialog.  In FM 10 and earlier, I could always click the popup menu of table occurrence names, and then start typing to jump down the list to pick the one I want.  This was especially helpful in any real-world system with more than a couple dozen TOs on the graph. Now, type ahead no longer works in any specify field dialogs that I've tried.  This is reproducible on every Mac OS X system I've tried. regards,Darren****************************** Darren Terry                               darren_terry@pdm-inc.com Pacific Data Management, Inc.              http://www.pdm-inc.com/ 111 W. St. John St.                      Phone: (408) 283-5900 x303 Suite 404                                  Fax:   (408) 283-5903 San Jose, CA 95113***** FileMaker 11 Certified Developer ***** 

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          Steve Wright



          With no dis-respect to yourself, I disagree with some of the comments about the forum.

          This forum is the only way others can find out about issues with filemaker (and discuss them) until such a time as FMI decide to publish the information themselves, if ever.  I agree its not the best, but its all we have !

          The web-form offered zero interaction with FMI, at least here an FMI employee answers back :-) tests the issue and confirms or asks for further information.  Ive very rarely seen anything come back from the web-form days..


          In short... the bug reports on here are invaluable !  The web based form was/is just a black hole !  


          Besides, from the forums front page they have a notification stating  "We're about to take the next step in the evolution of our forum. On June 23, we will be moving the Forum to an entirely new technology that will grow with our community" so hopefully this means an improved user interface, less of those annoying html errors etc.







          P.S I do however agree with the type ahead issue completely :-)

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            Hi Steve:


            Thanks for your reply.  I guess we have to agree to disagree.


            These forums are terrible.  They are clunky and idiosyncratic, giving random strange errors every time I've ever used them.  (For instance, in trying to reply to your post just now, I had to log in, and logging in threw an "Unknown error" twice before it finally accepted my credentials.)  Also, it rejected this reply for "invalid html" before I was able to submit it.


            My complaint is precisely that these forums are "all we have".  That shouldn't be.  If I didn't know better, I'd think that FMI is intentionally trying to dissuade its customers from submitting bug reports, by making the process purposefully difficult and clunky.  Jeez, FMI is a database company whose product is designed to interact with the web.  You'd think they'd be better able to produce a usable database-driven web site!!!


            Here it is, June 23, and I'm still getting errors!  Truly terrible.

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              Steve Wright

              Hi Darren


              I was really only really disagreeing with the web-form portion, since once you post.. its lost forever, nobody else can benefit from the information.

              I wish FMI would give us something better to work with myself.  I couldn't agree more with that comments on the forum,  especially the HTML errors, but even with all the issues I still prefer the fact that I can view information being reported by others, rather than it being held behind closed doors.


              P.S Seems they delayed their maintenance, it now shows as the 29th / 30th


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                I believe the pending forum upgrade is intended to correct a number of these shortcomings with the forum. One fix for living with the forum's current HTML error bug is to paste text into the HTML tab instead of Rich Text. That seems to eliminate the HTML error messages that can be so irritating.


                I've also asked Modman whether the current absence of the bug report form is deliberate or unintentional. (Where you used to find a link to bug report, you now find a link to the forum.) Filemaker took down that link awhile back and then returned it as some people perfer to report a bug without joining/participating in the forum. His reply was that he didn't know. :smileysad:


                Personally, I prefer the forum format, warts and all because many "bugs" I've encountered were not as obvious as I first thought. Frequently, bugs reported here resolve with the original poster discovering that the bug was not a bug, they were just not understanding how a given feature truly works. Other times the ensuing discussion has enabled one forum member to share a work around that has kept DB's functioning while the parties involved develop a fix.


                None of this is possible when you write up your bug description, tie it to a rock and toss it over the wall to Filemaker Inc., hoping someone picks it up, reads it, and understands what you are trying to report.

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                  Thank you for your post.


                  First, for the problem at hand, I am unable to reproduce the type ahead problem in the Specify Field dialog using FileMaker Pro 11 on Mac OS X 10.5.8 and Mac OS X 10.6.4.  This is what I have done.


                  1. I opened a database file that has six tables.  All of the tables are interlinked in some way.


                  2. I went into Layout Mode, used the Field tool and dragged it onto the Layout, bringing up the Specify Field dialog.


                  3. I click on the Current Table pop-up and it displays all the Related and Unrelated Tables.  Any letter I type will take me to the proper table.


                  Let me know if there is another Specify Field dialog box you want me to try.


                  One possible cause could be "OnLayoutKeystroke" script trigger, as any non-keyboard shortcut typed while this Layout is active will be interpreted by the script trigger.



                  Now to the issues with the forum...


                  We are aware of the "invalid HTML" error message.  This seems to occur only with users running Safari.  Interestingly, I run Safari 99% of the time on this forum (as do others), and I have not encountered this error, so there is another factor involved that causes this error.  Some of those users having the problem have switched to Firefox and they no longer have this issue.  I'm hoping this error will be addressed with the forum upgrade next week.  (The upgrade was pushed back a week due to problems encountered).


                  The web form for reporting problems was removed for a few reasons.  One, many of the problems being reported were actually customer misunderstanding, or the problem could not be reproduced.  Granted, you are more knowledgeable than the general FileMaker Pro user, but still, I'm unable to reproduce the problem here, and if you entered this problem currently into the web form, it may be marked as not reproducible, and you would continue to believe this was being addressed in a future release.


                  Reporting the problem publicly also lets others know the problem exists.  Forum user "PhilModJunk" is keeping a list of "Known Bugs" that others can now see which was not available previously before the forum.  Although I can't think of a specific thread, there have been a couple of times on this forum where someone reported a problem, a second person could replicate with some additional information, and then a third or fourth person provides the key to the cause of the problem.  This would not have been possible without a forum environment, whether it is here, TechTalk, FMForums, etc.


                  Prior to the Forum, our support was done strictly by telephone.  Two to three weeks after a product release, the problems would start to trickle in.  With this forum, problems are reported within the first week, and Development and Testing can verify and work on these problems earlier.  Also, the problems being reported were interpreted by the support technicians in their own way.  On the forum, the information is written, and any questions can be clarified.  This also makes reporting of the problem easier without need for interpretation.


                  I have a request to my boss to have the bug web form reinstated.


                  You can always send me a private message if you just want to submit a problem.  I have sent you a private message (top of this page - right side - envelope icon just beneath the blue horizontal bar) with information that you may find useful.



                  FileMaker, Inc.