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Type Ahead in TO List

Question asked by DarrenTerry on Jun 21, 2010
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Type Ahead in TO List

Description of the issue

I tried submitting this bug report on the FMI website, but apparently that option no longer exists.  (As an aside:  it's a terrible, terrible idea to provide nothing but this forum for providing feedback to FMI.  These forums are far from user friendly, and it makes interacting with FMI much more unfriendly than it used to be.  Please give us a simple web form for submitting bugs again!!)  For instance, I tried submitting this bug report multiple times, but the stupid forum submission page keeps rejecting it for "invalid html".  There is no html in my post.   In FM 11, Mac OS X, type ahead no longer works when trying to specify a table occurrence in any Specify Field dialog.  In FM 10 and earlier, I could always click the popup menu of table occurrence names, and then start typing to jump down the list to pick the one I want.  This was especially helpful in any real-world system with more than a couple dozen TOs on the graph. Now, type ahead no longer works in any specify field dialogs that I've tried.  This is reproducible on every Mac OS X system I've tried. regards,Darren****************************** Darren Terry                      Pacific Data Management, Inc.     111 W. St. John St.                      Phone: (408) 283-5900 x303 Suite 404                                  Fax:   (408) 283-5903 San Jose, CA 95113***** FileMaker 11 Certified Developer *****