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Typing Delay

Question asked by erwinthos on Mar 18, 2009
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Typing Delay

Description of the issue

I recently upgraded to Filemaker 10. I have a volume license and use a database server which is hosted on an iMac running system 10.4.11. I first upgraded to Filemaker 10 without upgrading the server. I have a large field that contains a running chronology of events that occur with reference to each client and text is added to the field often. After I upgraded to Filemaker 10, there is often a lag between when I type and when the characters appears in the field. Sometimes I wait 10 seconds for what I have typed to appear. In an attempt to remedy the situation, I upgraded the server to version 10 but the problem persists. Staff in the office has gone back to using Filemaker 9 in frustration. Any suggestions?