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Ugly, unusable Webviewer rendering in Preview and PDF

Question asked by seevogel on Apr 21, 2012
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Ugly, unusable Webviewer rendering in Preview and PDF


FileMaker Pro


FMPA 12.0v1 ETS and FMP 12.0v1 Trial

Operating system version

OS X 10.7.3

Description of the issue

I have some html content in my Webviewer, looking very good in Browse Mode.
If I change to the Preview Mode, the content looks Ugly and is unusable for further use (PDF-Export).
The content looks like a Picture with very bad resolution.
It seems it is not in Postscript-Format anymore (no vector format).

Steps to reproduce the problem

create a Webviewer with some html content like this:

"Data:text/html,<!DOCTYPE html>

Test this text


Expected result

very good and sharp text for printing and pdf.
the text should look sharp in pdf even if you zoom to 1000%

Actual result

it looks very different in Browse-mode and in Preview-Mode
in preview mode it is not vectorized anymore.
The print quality is ok but not good.

In FMP11 the results were very good.

this makes the whole update unusable and should be resolved ASAP!

The most time I use the webviewer with database-generated html-content to make things possible that never have been possible in FileMaker since the present day.
Calendars for different business applications, free configurable Headers for Mail and Invoices (usually for PDF export) using CSS Stylesheets.
I use this techniques in different solutions in different companies.
None of those companies are able to update to FMP12 until this bug (definitely no feature) is solved.


using FileMaker 11