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    Unable to access FM using FMGO with 3g



      Unable to access FM using FMGO with 3g


      FileMaker Go



      Operating system version

      Ipad  / WinXP Ver

      Description of the issue

      FMGO connects seamlessly and very quickly using local office WIFI. Using 3G is a different problem as I am running a two range network for security reasons.  My DSL Router connects to my MS SBS 2003 box using range xxx.xxx.27.  The MS SBS2003 box then connects to my main hub and inturn the rest of the network using a xxx.xxx.24 range.  My DSL router (NETGEAR DG834) will only allow me to forward ports 5003 + 591 to range xxx.xxx.27 whereas my FMSERVER box sits on xxx.xxx.24.  Are there any suggestions iro how to configure the forwarding,, with out re-configuring my networ range or does anyone know of a patch/ software/ MS SBS 2003 policy that will allow me to forward ports 591 + 5003 onto the FM SERVER BOX at xxx.xxx.24.150 Thanks  LEON ALHADEFF (leona@global-intelligence.co.za)

      Configuration information

      ADSL ROUTER xxx.xxx.27.1
      MS SBS SERVER xxx.xxx.27. and xxx.xxx.24